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Quote #2333 (+3) [ 2004-10-15, 01:11 ] [ + | - | X ]

<GFORCE> sup Agg
<Agg> GFORCE - take the hint, i don't respond to "sup agg"
<predder> Agg - do you respond to iceland women --> :D
<Agg> predder - she's orrite :)
<Agg> if this slowly-loading picture turns out to have a penis attached to the bottom third of it, i'm going to be very upset.
<predder> damn, didnt realise how big that image was
<eDust> it's safe Agg
<predder> heh, you'll be pleasantly suprised
<Agg> mmm, she's just how i like my women. out of focus and with lots of CCD noise.