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Quote #2306 (-3) [ 2004-09-28, 11:02 ] [ + | - | X ]

<CapnChron> I love my penis!
<CapnChron> It a powerful tool
<zuus> you love everyones penis
<nic> hahaha
<CapnChron> A tool for the wonderous art!
<Narcolepsy> Mine isn't a powerful tool so much as a fascinating plaything.
<Narcolepsy> :(
<CapnChron> If used really properly, it'll be a great, moving experince.
<CapnChron> IN this case..
<Frag[Gone]> bbl
<zuus> i like to use mine to carry things and open beer bottles
<CapnChron> I'm proud to say this today...
<CapnChron> I love my penis!