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Quote #2305 (+9) [ 2004-09-28, 00:18 ] [ + | - | X ]

<thetron> Hopefully i can do some warsitting from my AP
<INerTIal> lol
<INerTIal> warsitting
<INerTIal> thas a new one
<INerTIal> i do warbussing and warcabbing occasionally
<thetron> It's not. It when you sit on top of a hill with a Panabonic aerial and point it in different directions
<INerTIal> panabonic>
<INerTIal> ???
<INerTIal> you mean parabolic
<thetron> yeh i get the para bit confused
<Agg> panabonic is when you point your erection in different directions
<INerTIal> lol
<thor--> :]
<JesterX> i did that once
<JesterX> spent the night in the slammer
<thor--> i did it not so long ago, didnt pick anything up unfortunatley ;)