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Quote #2293 (+7) [ 2004-09-19, 12:40 ] [ + | - | X ]

<eDust> is it talk like a pirate day again?
<CaptWedgie> aye that be correct eDust
<knowsfords> really? man it seems like only a year ago it was talk like a pirate day
<CaptWedgie> and i figured meh, may as well run with it. lol
* CaptWedgie slices knowsfords with his cutlass
<eDust> well then, i'm going ashore to raid the supermarket. back before midnight
<CaptWedgie> hahaha
<knowsfords> yarr I be bleedin' all over me pirate pants
* eDust is now known as eDust_away
* CaptWedgie tosses knowsfords off the UGBow to feed the sharks
* knowsfords uses his hook to sew up the wound with some catgut
<knowsfords> yarr! they don't want to eat a peice of manly leather like myself...
* knowsfords rides the sharks
* knowsfords makes out with his shark wenches
<knowsfords> avast tis a pirates life.
<CaptWedgie> hahaha