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Quote #2280 (+5) [ 2004-09-08, 21:59 ] [ + | - | X ]

<thetron> Manaz: Your on a kicking nazi streak tonight
<FreeFrag> *You're
<V8R[zzz]> !seen swifty
<FreeFrag> !seen the last n00ba who called an admin a nazi
* Z sets mode: +b *!*thetron@*
* thetron was kicked by Z ((Manaz) Do NOT call channel ops Nazis. See you in 24 hours)
<FreeFrag> Oh, there he goes.
<Jab> lol nice call Manaz
<Manaz> He says one thing all night, and it gets him banned for 24 hours. Choice.
<MoonSha> thetron contributes a fuckload more to OCAU than you Z
<Wiz> Z doesn't really say much
* Z sets mode: +b *!*BC@144.136.255.*
* MoonSha was kicked by Z ((Manaz) later)
<Z> ah fuck you all
<Z> these op nazi's aint that bad