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Quote #2173 (+9) [ 2004-07-21, 20:26 ] [ + | - | X ]

<FreeFrag> <--bottom definition, bwahahahaa, I'll take one guess who submitted that
<FreeFrag> A) Asrehole <--That gives it away :D :D
<Sciby> Yup, safe to say it's TheTron. You can smell the stupidity.
<Sciby> Even if there was no quote, the spelling of 'asrehole' still gives it away.
<FreeFrag> Sciby, come on, join in you fun nazi!! You can smell the stuiptedity :)
<FreeFrag> So anyway, Sciby, been doing much trolling while whom adminning lately?
<Sciby> FF: No, but I"m a snobbish asrehole.