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Quote #2064 (+4) [ 2004-06-17, 07:24 ] [ + | - | X ]

<CapnChron> O)@%$U)(@!%U@%
<CapnChron> I hate fucking theives
<CapnChron> fucking no respect for bastards like me!
<CapnChron> I finish work
<CapnChron> Goto the gem
<CapnChron> I'm like "Where are the fucking wheels"
<CapnChron> The car was sitting on bricks
<CapnChron> No wheel and no brakes as well
<CapnChron> so I go home, get the wheels and take the brakes off the other gem
<CapnChron> and go back put it on
<CapnChron> Guess what
<CapnChron> Cunts got into the hood of the car and stole my fucking batttery!
<CapnChron> motherfuckers