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Quote #1971 (+7) [ 2004-05-17, 21:29 ] [ + | - | X ]

<dec> how did general electric manage to get>
<pace> ocnet is all about the efficient distribution of icecream
<primz> and the icecream network just stopped out the front of my door. thanks lurks.
<FreeFrag> Why would GE need 16,581,375 IP Addresses?
<primz> one for every fridge
<dec> i really don't know FreeFrag
<rma> haha
<dec> hahah
<pace> ip to fridge
<FreeFrag> FoIP
<pace> it the way to go
<primz> heh, yeah, where have you been for the last year?
<rma> FreeFrag hehe
* primz pings and receives a glass of milk
<FreeFrag> Convergent Technoligies are bringing your computer and fridge together w00t :S