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Quote #1949 (+5) [ 2004-05-11, 13:21 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Lombers> is there any way to find out who has registered a particular domain name?
<Mred32> whois whois
<Mred32> whoisnt whoisnt
<Mred32> Why Why is is there there 2 2 of of each each word? word?
<Mred32> wtf wtf
<Lombers> hehe
<Lombers> Mred32: turn off echo :)
<Agg> ttuurrnn ooffff yyoouurr ffuullll dduupplleexx
<Mred32> this this is is shitting shitting me me.
<Mred32> its its only only this this window window
* Mred32 has left #ocau
<Agg> lol @ mred
* Mred32 has joined #ocau
* Z sets mode: +o Mred32
<Agg> i thought he was just being silly
<Mred32> hmm
<Lombers> lol
<Mred32> ha, fixed