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Quote #1947 (+14) [ 2004-05-10, 02:24 ] [ + | - | X ]

<ethanol> hi Alyra
<ethanol> are you girl
<ethanol> add me on msn
<Alyra> I am.
<Alyra> Transvestite!
<BaldDevil> oooooo
<Alyra> Really.
<BaldDevil> nice
<Alyra> I have a penis.
<Alyra> And 2 heads.
<ethanol> k
<Alyra> and 3 heads.
<BaldDevil> can i have your number
<ethanol> add me then
<Alyra> and 6 eyes
<Alyra> hahahahah
* Agg sets mode: +b *!*
* ethanol was kicked by Agg (OMGASLBBQ!)
* Agg sets mode: -b *!*
<Alyra> oh I feel so honoured agg.
<Alyra> Thats the first time someones banned someone for trying to pick me up!
<Agg> don't be, i was just using you for sex.
<Agg> oh.. that. right. yeaaah.