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Quote #1892 (+5) [ 2004-04-29, 22:16 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Rage> zfuck
<Rage> spilled lift on keyborD
<Rage> shit
<TheWedgie> hahahha
<Rage> HGJ
<NozzBleh> HAHAAH
<Rage> 1QA
* NozzBleh is now known as Nozz
<Rage> Z
<Rage> z
<Rage> fuck nooooooooooooooo
<Nozz> roflmao
<TheWedgie> haha
<Nozz> You need to learn to aim for your mouth better
<Rage> wtf its m
<Rage> Z
* Nozz is highly amused
<Rage> z
<knowsfordz> dam, the same thing happened with my other keyboard
<knowsfordz> the temp one
<Rage> sjdfgoskdjfhglskdjhfglskjhglkjh\\
<knowsfordz> cept I didn't spill anything on it
<Rage> <idlerpg> FreeFrag, the the attacker of the n00ba, has attained level 3! Next level in 0 days, 00:15:36.
<Rage> A
<Rage> ahh
<Rage> its back
<Rage> working
<Rage> for some reason
<Rage> |:d
<Rage> or not
<Rage> waadsflkqweretyuiouhdgzl;ksdjf
<Rage> SOME OF THE KEYS r gone
<Rage> like 1QAZ
<knowsfordz> Rage: you're gunna need to replace it
<Rage> this has happened before tho, with beer last time
<Nozz> stop spilling shit in it then, you idiot
<Rage> 1qa
<knowsfordz> bahaha even worser sucked in :p
<Rage> 1qa
<Rage> it was an accident
<FreeFrag> *chuckle*
<Nozz> Be more careful
<FreeFrag> quotable :)
<Rage> YOU SHOULD see my screen, its going nuts
<Rage> menues and shit popping up everywhere