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Quote #1794 (+7) [ 2004-03-31, 17:08 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Ycros> rofl, fucking funny, on teh news
<Ycros> student protests at uts over higher fees
<Ycros> turned a bit violent
<Ycros> police were using capsicum spray
<Gothmog> how violent?
<Ycros> some guy grabbed the spray off a cop and sprayed them with it
<Ycros> :P
<SkoZombie> ahahaha
<Ycros> but thats not the funniest bit
<Skeleton> LOL
<Skeleton> cool
<Ycros> a bit later
<Ycros> the news interviewed an officer
<Ycros> and he was saying "well, when some of our equipment gets taken.."
<Skeleton> and he pee'd his pants on national television?
<Ycros> and just at that moment
<Ycros> on cue
<Ycros> someone steals his hat
<Ycros> and runs off
<SkoZombie> ahahaha
<Gothmog> lol !
<Ycros> it was fucking GOLD
<wild> straight to ugbox