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Quote #1778 (+2) [ 2004-03-27, 00:45 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Fod> <- the non-red dots represent people who believe Texas is spelt Texaz. Note many of them are WITHIN THE STATE.
<Nozz> is that middle-bottom state texas?
<Fod> the big one, yes
<Nozz> That's a worry
<Nozz> oh well
<Nozz> I don't anyone had any doubt that americans were stupid
<Nozz> doubt
<Nozz> Evidendently I've from Texaz too.
<Fod> :)
<Nozz> I'm, fuckit
<Fod> haha, and i was assuming it was deliberate
* Fod makes note to never make that mistake again