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Quote #1730 (+1) [ 2004-03-08, 23:51 ] [ + | - | X ]

<TheRush> i soooo need to get ma shit together!
<adi> i need to do a shit, is that similar??
<TheRush> haha, i don't believe so but depends on your point of view i spose....
<GregM> Im sooo glad they dont carry stench over tcpip
<adi> lol
<adi> theres a company in the UK developing that though..
<adi> it has like 10 smells and costs $10K ^
<GregM> I hope its selective :)
<adi> i feel another beagle coming on..
<Joris> the real problem with smell over ip, is that it doesn't fit porn
<Joris> if a technology isn't applicable to porn, it won't conquer the internet
<Joris> (Joris' first law of internetomatics)
<GregM> put an old kipper behind your monitor Joris
<GregM> close enough
<adi> rofl