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Quote #1685 (+8) [ 2004-02-24, 11:23 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Nozz> Haven't got any chicken handy anyway
<CrashDumy> pile up one giant bowel of it and eat till stuffed then eat some more
<Nozz> Off to cook the plain pasta now, though
<Crudmuffin> bowel? eeugh
<Crudmuffin> how about a bowl?
<Nozz> ahahaha
<echelon> bwhahaha
<Lombers> hey guys
* CrashDumy slaps crudmuffin for correcting me
<echelon> a giant bowel of pasta
<Crudmuffin> hey lombers
<Crudmuffin> lol echelon
<Nozz> hahahaha
<echelon> yeech
<echelon> 'lo Lombers
<Nozz> I laughed so hard then I gave myself the hiccups
<Nozz> Cunts.
<Crudmuffin> LOL
<Lombers> heh, good time to come into the conversation :)
<CrashDumy> your welcome. Have a nice day :)
<echelon> rofl
<CrashDumy> service with a smile
<echelon> can we interest you in a giant bowel of (wholemeal) pasta?
<Lombers> urgh
<CrashDumy> Nah but i wouldn't mind a bowl of it
<Crudmuffin> heh, I'm loling at work
<echelon> So chunky, you can carve it
<Crudmuffin> this is bad