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Quote #1674 (+5) [ 2004-02-22, 19:41 ] [ + | - | X ]

<@Draebor> were the rides any good?
<@DDsD|moofi> Yeah they were.. except i didnt go on any of them.. was too busy being jaded
<@Draebor> ahh fucker :) that was my main reason for wanting to go
<@DDsD|moofi> What, being Jaded? or using the rides? ;p
<@Draebor> rides damnit
<@DDsD|moofi> Heh, yeah.. i was going to say you can be Jaded at home ->
<@Draebor> pfft i could show superstar dj's how to take a dump
<Fod|Food> but you wouldn't have chix00rs offering to wipe for you :)