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Quote #1650 (+4) [ 2004-02-17, 13:06 ] [ + | - | X ]

<neolithic> gah
<neolithic> i got pwnzed on this big ass rock jump into water
<neolithic> like 3-4m high
<neolithic> probably higher
<neolithic> distance was good, but i landed sorta on my back :(
<Cycle> Wtf are you talking about??
<neolithic> if im not lagging, you shoulda understood all of that message.....
<Cycle> A game?
<neolithic> real life lol
<agog> mmm... real life
<Cycle> K.
<neolithic> its the newest thing
<neolithic> :P
<Cycle> Is it like half-life?
* neolithic rolls eyes slightly
<Cycle> ??
<Fragwizard> Cycle: lol. :P
<neolithic> anyway, the result of this jump means that my upper back is killing me
<Cycle> Ohhhh you mean REAL life i thought you were talking about some sort of half-life addon or somthing...
<neolithic> HAHA
<neolithic> someone catches on fast :)
<Cycle> :
<Alyra> you know you're a geek when...
<Cycle> Stfu :P