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Quote #1549 (+12) [ 2004-01-23, 20:02 ] [ + | - | X ]

<knowsfords> have a little chip that interfaces with your memory and have its capacity set to something small... like 1gb.
<knowsfords> which allows you to know everything about a certain topic.
<D_Web> I don't think solid state memory can even begin to compare with the brain
<knowsfords> yes, but by the time you can fit 1gb easily on the tip of a pin... you'd think they'd know something about the brain/
<Tommmo> i suggest they use firewire :P
<D_Web> System Availability: 99.4514%
<D_Web> hrmm
<Tommmo> What's that
<Tommmo> ?
<Fod> his brain :)