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Quote #1419 (-2) [ 2003-12-06, 21:40 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Rage> i'm such a bastard
<Rage> I was just playing "Warrior Kings"
<Rage> and whenever the peasent I spawned was a woman
I made her chop trees down
<Rage> while the men go t the cushy farming jobs
<Rage> gah
<Rage> can't get a lift to work
<Rage> have to catch 10:30 bus to start at 12
<Rage> :(
<FreeFrag> That'll teach you for making the women chop trees
<DaKi][er> bahahaha
<Rage> lol
<mazzanet> lol
<Rage> I was giggling while I did it too :(
<Rage> *hehehehe another woman, chop the treess!!!*