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Quote #1415 (+7) [ 2003-12-05, 00:02 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Akumas> Agg, aren't you the almighty owner of OCAU?
<Agg> coroner - because they are profoundly uncomfortable for long distances :)
<Hunter> agg would that be like riding a mountain bike for a couple of days
<Agg> Akumas - no, that's a guy called thetron.. i just work here
* Banzai is now known as Banzai[CS]
<Akumas> Oh, sorry.. 'work' are you employed by ocau?
* BBQ_69 has quit IRC (Quit: Connection reset by retards trying to toast buns.)
<coroner> hopefully they have improved i plan to ride to phillip island in 2 yrs
<Moose> What bike is comfortable for long distances?
<Hunter> a trike
<Agg> kinda. it's part of my parole agreement. counts as community service.
<Akumas> I see I see..
* definate has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Akumas> Hope I'm not being too nosey