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Quote #1381 (+3) [ 2003-11-27, 01:57 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Rage> damnit. just realised mum's gonna wake me up at 8am again
<Rage> :(
<MadHatter> ohh, poor you
<Eazy> wake her first.
<MadHatter> 8am... wow!
<Rage> lol
<Rage> the thing is: i'm on holidays
<MadHatter> what ever will you do :/
<Rage> damnit
<Agg> keep a mouthful of pea soup ready, and spit it at her, screaming profanities while your head spins completely around.
<Eazy> lol
<Rage> heh
<Agg> she'll never wake you up again.
<MadHatter> lol
<biatch> haha