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Quote #1369 (+1) [ 2003-11-22, 20:05 ] [ + | - | X ]

(rodgrech) man im scared.... i gotta walk into a Apple store (nextbyte) next few days
(Snufkin`) wear protection
(Snufkin`) otherwise you might catch gay
(FreeFrag) Thier prices are an ass rape
(rodgrech) ill have my windblows xp cd with me for protection
(rodgrech) 179.00 for a 65 watt laptop charger
(Largo) haha instead of using a cross on posessed people, throw windows XP at them and watch them burn
(rodgrech) burnt windows xp cds cut up and made into ninja stars
(Snufkin`) haha
(rodgrech) or my ibook of doom with windows xp loaded on it :D
(Largo) i wanted to get an ipod, i gotta walk in there with a radiation suit
(FreeFrag) Lets not forget a full retail copy of MacOSX is $229 :o
(Tensop) Largo: shut your....
(Largo) they'd probaly consider that laptop weapon of mass destruction :p