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Quote #1362 (+9) [ 2003-11-20, 10:53 ] [ + | - | X ]

<@Fatal|PalaNIN> i can't find this t-shirt i like :/
<@Fatal|T0nY> :|
<@Fatal|PalaNIN> it might be in the hamper :/
<@Fatal|PalaNIN> yay
<@Fatal|PalaNIN> doesn't smell too bad
<@Fatal|T0nY> if it does just spray it with deo
<@Fatal|PalaNIN> yeah, but its wrinkly too
<@Fatal|T0nY> thats my domestic tip
<@Fatal|PalaNIN> so i'll just hang it up somewhere
<@Fatal|T0nY> oh if its wrinkly
<@Fatal|PalaNIN> i got about two hours till i'm going
<@Fatal|PalaNIN> a bit more, actually
<@Fatal|T0nY> lay it on the floor and roll over it
<@Fatal|T0nY> rofl
<@Fatal|PalaNIN> lmao
<@Fatal|T0nY> and try to laugh when you do it
<@Fatal|PalaNIN> why
<@Fatal|T0nY> cause then you will be rofl