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Quote #1351 (+6) [ 2003-11-17, 22:53 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Darkness> I was speaking to a bloke the other day, (who is a few 6ers short of a case).. who was telling me him and his mates were away in a cabin, drank all their beer and were all still not drunk, and only had 1/2 a bot of vodka left... (cont)
<quaife> yep yep :)
<Darkness> So, they would turn a shotglass upsite down, pour vodka onto it, and snort it
<FenrisOlf> ...alrighty then...
<Darkness> Then, after the feeling came back into their nose, they would fill a shotglass with vodka, then hold it up to one of their eyes
<Darkness> their theory was, it would go past the eye, and into the brain, for instant drunk
<NickoPen> lol
<FenrisOlf> hahahaha =)
<quaife> omfg
<quaife> is that possible?