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Quote #1267 (+1) [ 2003-11-02, 22:54 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Rik> ROFl, one of my mates fucked a chick with no arms
<WhiteyFord> what really Rik?
<WhiteyFord> thats odd
<WhiteyFord> no hand jobs :(
<Rik> yeh, he's in the Navy, he's done alot of fucked shit
<FreeFrag> :o
<Rik> he was telling me, he did her doggy style on the beach and was going hard, and when he finished, he had almost buried her head since she couldnt keep it above sand
<WhiteyFord> did she have arms before they started fucking?
<WhiteyFord> ROFL
<Falkor> lol she has no arms, and heres mike worrying about not getting a hand job :)
<FreeFrag> ROFL!
<WhiteyFord> ahahahahahahahahhahaa
<Falkor> hahaha
<knowsfords> heh.
<WhiteyFord> thats the most horrible funny thing i have ever heard