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Quote #1244 (-2) [ 2003-10-29, 21:02 ] [ + | - | X ]

[n0nac] ne ways ppl who has been to
[WoobiE] whats that?
[fr0st] thats a new one
[WoobiE] i bwet its porn isnt it
[n0nac] its a site on all the stupis shit that ppl say on other channels usin progs like mIRC... but alot of it is fucking jilarious
neolithic hears a sound
[ neolithic] porn! where!
[n0nac] well its a ltxt based site so yer man what eva gets u goin:|:|:|
[fr0st] with a name like bash it must be some wierd fetish
[WoobiE] n0nac, yeah right i bet its porn, im not gonna be fooled and click on it