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Quote #1241 (+2) [ 2003-10-29, 11:14 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Refle}{> i lost $4 in a vending machine and i'm getting it back today lol ..they are going to COURIER it back to me ..
<Chamelion> heh
<Stokesy> hah
<orlock> Refle}{: should have asked them to send you what it was you wanted instead
<echelon> Refle}{: What I want to know, was why you thought "Hrm, I just lost my $2 coin in the vending machine. I know! I'll put in another!"
<Refle}{> yeh they're getting some chocky bars for me as well ..and echelon thats pretty much what happened :D .. except that i was putting the second one in to follow the first down and push it out lol
<echelon> haha
<echelon> brains :P
<Refle}{> i know eh ..
<yale_work> heh
<yale_work> the machine at work eats your money sometimes, they just tell us to get fucked
* yale_work rocks the machine to set the tilt sensor off when he's on his way home from work now
<yale_work> that'll teach 'em