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Quote #1235 (+3) [ 2003-10-28, 11:53 ] [ + | - | X ]

<SUPAMODEL> sure no-one wants to do my exam this arvo
<SUPAMODEL> yer more than welcome to :)
<echelon> ummmm....... nup.
<Saga> yeah, look, not to be rude, but i'll pass on that kind offer too...
<SUPAMODEL> bastards.
<echelon> anytime mate.
<SUPAMODEL> I could pay you in pr0n
<echelon> pr0n is no fun anymore. I'm over it
<echelon> but I'll take cash
<Saga> and bank cheques...
<SUPAMODEL> nah, I only have pr0n
<SUPAMODEL> highest quality pr0n tho
<echelon> Fair enough, we can get cash for it down at the local high school