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Quote #1232 (+2) [ 2003-10-27, 20:47 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Bridgestone> does mirc give you easter eggs
<Bridgestone> wtf
<Bridgestone> advanced technology to the max
<figjam> no, it's got a hidden flight simulator in it dude
<figjam> hold alt and type FXFIGHTER and it starts the flight-sim
<Bridgestone> "Are you sure you wanna quit mIRC"
<Bridgestone> didn't work fig
<Bridgestone> you sure thats right?
<figjam> oh, oops
<figjam> FXFYGHTER
<Bridgestone> but it dun work figjam
<Bridgestone> figjam i wanna play it ffs
<Bridgestone> i just get "are you sure you wanna quit mIRC blah blah:
<figjam> your not typing the whole thing
<figjam> you've gotta finish it, hold alt and type FXFYGHTER
* FiremanSam has joined #nsplayeradmin
<figjam> and not just push alt, hold it the whole time
<Bridgestone> oh ok ta
<Bridgestone> ok
<Bridgestone> now im trying the flight sim
* Bridgestone has quit IRC (Quit: #NSPlayer - #ComCen - )
<FiremanSam> a devious nsplayer page
<figjam> ROFL
<figjam> PWNED
<Felix> LMAO!!