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Quote #122 (-4) [ 2002-11-25, 02:18 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Rudeboi> K|dDO: tell your sister i'm coming soon ;)
<K|dDO> you cant stay at my place
<Rudeboi> K|dDO, but your sis already invited me
<Goofy[HSK]> K|dDO has a sister - i thought they would have put a stop to the experiment after him..... :D
<K|dDO> Goofy[HSK]: they are older than me so...
<Rudeboi> Goofy[HSK]: older sisters
<Rudeboi> but they realized they were getting worse, so they stopped at K|dDO
<K|dDO> they just fucked me up
<Rudeboi> [18:47] <K|dDO> they just fucked me up <- me too
<@Firemoth> <K|dDO> they just fucked me <=- You sicko.