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Quote #1187 (-1) [ 2003-10-21, 22:17 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Wolff> the most annoying thing ive ever had happen, happened 15 minute's ago! when your going for it, and your right at custard stroke, and the parents of the GF come home, and you younger brother barges in and starts yelling and telling me to get out... and he's 12 and an ADHD... how annoying is that!
<biatch> ... Custard stroke ...
<Wolff> yeah....
<biatch> Nice terminology
* sabretooth sets mode: +b *!*@
* Wolff was kicked by sabretooth (We don't care. Bye.)
<@sabretooth> Jeez I've kicked a few people today.
<biatch> Spanked!
* biatch hides
<@sabretooth> nah, smacked. I save the spanking for you (wink) :P Juuust kidding. Settle down...