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Quote #1173 (+8) [ 2003-10-19, 07:28 ] [ + | - | X ]

(Enfilade): <reannah> Isn't that what a big sister does?
(Enfilade): <Enfilade> But the affection...
(Enfilade): <reanna> A big sister can give you cuddles.
(Enfilade): <riannah> :D
(Enfilade): <Enfilade> What about tender kisses?
(Enfilade): <riannah> Yes, on your cheek.
(CapnChroni): Eww
(CapnChroni): I do... Not.... neeed..... That.... sort..... of..... affection..... from.... my...... sister!
(Groomy): lol
(LordPie): can dish it out but can't take it eh CapnChroni?
(Narc|ZzZz): What if I want that sort of affection from your sister CapnChroni???
(Narc|ZzZz): *boom, tsssh*
(tensop): then you would have to get in the line behind CapnChroni, Narc|ZzZz