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Quote #1144 (+6) [ 2003-10-16, 14:27 ] [ + | - | X ]

<WhiteyFord> yeah so do you need any parts from my EA before I sell it?
<Walkinshaw> such as?
<WhiteyFord> i dunno, i just thought you might say "omg, i need this ONE part" or something
<kicker-kid> who would want parts off a ford
<supa-roo> exactly if it was some jap car, course theyd want parts cause they always break
<kicker-kid> righhhhttt
<kicker-kid> still doesnt cure the fact that fords are ghey
<WhiteyFord> sure
<kicker-kid> they are
<WhiteyFord> so um, you going to go play with your toys now or what?
<kicker-kid> a toy that will kane your ford
<supa-roo> hahaha
<supa-roo> come one fire up boy
<supa-roo> un educated arguments are cool
<kicker-kid> ok
<WhiteyFord> hmm.. kane eh? whats that.. like the bastard child of english?
<kicker-kid> fuckup idiot
<WhiteyFord> nice
<WhiteyFord> so moving along now
<kicker-kid> u know what i meant
<kicker-kid> oh and if da real kicker kid comes on dont tell him i was on here ok
* kicker-kid ( has left #caraudioaustralia (
<WhiteyFord> sure thing pal
<supa-roo> specialy when its a regesterd nick