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Quote #1135 (+63) [ 2003-10-15, 07:49 ] [ + | - | X ]

<CapnChron> MY GOD!!!
<CapnChron> I'm soo gonna fucking kick my sister out of the house
<CapnChron> She's a paradise
<CapnChron> erm
<CapnChron> Parasite!
<@Frag[W]> LOL
* @Frag[W] falls over.
<CapnChron> I feel voliated now!
<CapnChron> Yesterday my sister says she's having a friend over because our parents ain't here for few days.
<CapnChron> Right..
<CapnChron> This morning... I came home from work
<CapnChron> about 6:45am
<CapnChron> I go upstairs.. There's 2 kitchens
<CapnChron> One downstairs, one upstairs
<CapnChron> I'm like..
<CapnChron> Fuck man
<CapnChron> this is gross
<CapnChron> happened to me TWICE@!
<CapnChron> Right.. This girl!
<CapnChron> She's sitting on the stool eating breakfast looking at the view
<CapnChron> I'm like "Damn... She's wearing panties and a pink shirt
<CapnChron> I'm thinking sexy thoughts what I want to do with her
<CapnChron> "hot ass. I'd tap that!"
<CapnChron> All that shit you guys would think when you see some hot ass
<CapnChron> I go to the fridge to get a milkshake to join the girl
<CapnChron> Guess who I see walks into the kitchen
<CapnChron> Her fucking friend
<CapnChron> I'm like "wtf"
<CapnChron> She says hello
<CapnChron> I go "Hi..." Looked over to this girl...
<CapnChron> Eww
<CapnChron> i'M SICK
<CapnChron> I thought sexy thoughts of my fucking sister again!
* CapnChron jumps off from his bedroom window
<CapnChron> TWICE!!!
* CapnChron feeds his sister shitloads of food
<CapnChron> Get fat bitch!
<@Lone[Zz]> dude ... that's going straight to ugbox