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Quote #1131 (0) [ 2003-10-14, 19:52 ] [ + | - | X ]

<wild> I wouldn't be caught dead with a necrophiliac.
<Rage> real classy wild :)
* Rik is listening to: (Blood Duster - The Corpse Song) Length: (2:17)
<wild> lol
<Apok> i would like to see you get it up while your dead
<Rik> "I want to fuck a corpse" is the chorus of this song :p
<Rage> heh
<wild> :eek:
<Rage> what happens when it goes all stiff tho?
<Rage> you might get jammed :o
<WhiteyFord> adds to the excitement
<Apok> yeah but its not like hes gonna hold a raging hardon until he goes stiff
<Falkor> wait a week and the maggots make it feel all nice and stuff
<Falkor> :P
<Rage> speaking from experience... again
<Rage> :P
<Falkor> Yeha man, fucked a lotta dead chicks in my 19 years.
<Falkor> :P