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Quote #1106 (+132) [ 2003-10-11, 23:45 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Tommmo> we went for a war drive in the commo, i have a 300W inverter
<Tommmo> anyway so we found this AP.
<Tommmo> then i went to take off again
<Tommmo> and the lights went dim
<Tommmo> and the car stopped :D
<Tommmo> combination of high beam / aircon / 4 laptops + not much car movement made it go flat quick :)
<Tommmo> so we posted a call for help via IRC
<Rik> rofl
<Rage> hahaha nice
<Tommmo> (12:49am) * Aday-LAN ( has joined #whirlpool
<Tommmo> (12:49am) <Aday-LAN> Tommmo here.... smarm are you there???
<Tommmo> (12:50am) <Aday-LAN> MrShrub: where are you... ?
<Tommmo> (12:51am) <Aday-LAN> can someone jump start this car :)
<Tommmo> (12:51am) <Aday-LAN> We're.. umm stranded next to an open ap
<Tommmo> (12:51am) <MrShrub> lol...what?
<Tommmo> (12:51am) <MrShrub> HAHAHAHAHA
<Tommmo> >:D
<Tommmo> then the RACV guy turns up and he looks at everyone with laptops in the car outside someone's house at 1AM
<Tommmo> and says 'what the fuck are u blokes doing' :D
<Rage> lol
<Rage> sifnt roll-start
<Rage> or was it auto?
<Tommmo> auto
<FreeFrag> ROFL!!
<Tommmo> i was worried they were gonna discover us iRCiing from their wireless
<Tommmo> and come out the front
<Tommmo> :D
<Rage> hahaa
<Tommmo> whilst stranded :D
<Rage> that'd be so funny
<Rage> "WE CANT"
<Tommmo> hahah..
<Tommmo> "START BITCH"
<Rage> heh
<Tommmo> we had an 8 port switch
<Tommmo> and an external omni antenna on the roof :)
<Rage> lol!
<Tommmo> the complete setup :)