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Quote #1077 (-1) [ 2003-10-05, 23:28 ] [ + | - | X ]

* Rik drowns in the flood
* wild does CPR on Rik
<Falkor> bit like that hey Rik
<Falkor> i'm lucky i live on the big hill
<Falkor> so everything rolls down
<Falkor> but damn the pools looking a bit full after yesterday and today.
<Rik> big hills wont stop irc text floods
<Rik> :p
<Falkor> lol
<Falkor> you and brembo are just alike
<wild> yeah, I thought he was talking about the flood of text, then you start going on about a hill and a pool :)
<Falkor> you whinge about everything. :P
<Rik> shuttup
<Falkor> your like women
<Falkor> whinge whinge whinge
<wild> whinge about floods, whinge about bold...
<Falkor> 'oh no, its windy'
<Falkor> 'oh no, bold'
<Rik> I dont like your tone
<Falkor> 'oh no, spam'
<Falkor> 'oh no, someone posted'
<Falkor> PP
<Falkor> :P
<wild> lol
<Rik> that's it, where's my handbag, I'm going shopping.
<wild> lmao
<Falkor> lol