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Quote #1004 (+8) [ 2003-09-07, 12:11 ] [ + | - | X ]

* BOB[ZzZz] has joined #nightowls
* BOB[ZzZz] is now known as BOB
* BOB is now known as BOB_LOE
<BOB_LOE> mornin ladies n gents
<BOB_LOE> oh hi bob
<BOB_LOE> hey dude!
<BOB_LOE> how you going?
<BOB_LOE> not too bad
<BOB_LOE> your looking pretty sexy today
<BOB_LOE> yup :D you dont look too bad yourself
<BOB_LOE> why thankyou kind sir
<BOB_LOE> is that a mars bar in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?
<BOB_LOE> actually its a mars bar
<BOB_LOE> oh :(
* BOB_LOE is now known as BOB|Out