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Quote #800 (+4) [ 2003-07-18, 00:52 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Skitzo> /msg nwatts yeah i know.. i told you.. hes great in bed ;)
<Skitzo> fuck

Quote #2994 (+12) [ 2005-09-21, 01:42 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Warhamster> sigh, one of these days I'm going to go into Bern's TDS and go "Hi Bern, I'm Warhamster", and he's going to pull out a baseball bat and beat the living shit out of me
<Agg> be sure to film it

Quote #3238 (+8) [ 2006-02-04, 17:53 ] [ + | - | X ]

<barto-kun> Rule:Certain holes are "IN" holes, certain holes are "OUT" holes. Do not mix these up.
<gHenDo> well except for bums

Quote #679 (+13) [ 2003-06-17, 22:24 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Agg> its PSU RAID5. the third PSU is for parity.
<mort> thankyou agg.
<mort> thank christ someone knows.
<Agg> no, someone's taking the piss.
<Agg> (me)

Quote #2520 (+16) [ 2005-01-21, 14:54 ] [ + | - | X ]

[ David ] Slipknot concert in 3days 4hrs 37mins 29secs
[ David ] woot
! +Fragwizard has 5wks 3days until he is 19. :)
[ Ashley ] Heh.
[ David ] I am 19.606152 years old. It's my birthday in 20wks 3days 9hrs 5mins 29secs
! Ashley has 1 minutes 32 seconds until he gets up and has a drink of water.
[ +Fragwizard ] lol
[ David ] hahaahahaha

Quote #937 (+3) [ 2003-08-20, 17:21 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Zoidburg> firecall?
<Nza> voluntary fire service?
<Erve> either that or too much chilli
<Draemad> lol
<nEoLIthIc> lol

Quote #4255 (+10) [ 2007-12-18, 21:45 ] [ + | - | X ]

<enigma> flatmates and I are discussing religion, purgatory, atheism, monotheism etc. i _think_ there is a word to describe a place without anything else, i've heard it referred to as something like "a grey place where the gods can go get lost" or something. is there a word, when discussing religion, that describes such a place?
<Stalhein> Dubbo?
<brodsta> hahahahah

Quote #1403 (+7) [ 2003-11-30, 20:21 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Rik> I'm lonely, I don't bark
<Rik> I lick my balls and sniff other's arses though

Quote #2578 (+13) [ 2005-02-11, 11:38 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Fod|Work> Fod's illustrated guide to social awkwardness:
<Fod|Work> so we went to see a mate's band play last night
<Fod|Work> after the set, we were standing around having a few beers when i saw this little kid out of the corner of my eye
<Fod|Work> so i turned round and yelled "HEY! YOU AREN'T EIGHTEEN!!"
<Fod|Work> (as you do)
<Fod|Work> it was a midget.

Quote #1560 (+8) [ 2004-01-27, 21:53 ] [ + | - | X ]

<TXtoucian> You have just received the Sven & Ole Computer Virus. Because we don't know how to program computers, this virus works on the honor system. Please delete all the files on your hard drive manually and forward this message to everyone on your mailing list.
<TXtoucian> Thank you for your cooperation.
<TXtoucian> Sven and Ole
<DrillSGT> hmmmm
<DrillSGT> brb
* DrillSGT is away, deleting files, (logon pageron)

Quote #2672 (+6) [ 2005-04-10, 14:23 ] [ + | - | X ]

(snoopz): anyone want to play css
(nza): ok i'll start
(nza): <style type="text/css">

Quote #64 (+5) [ 2002-11-08, 06:55 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Rudeboi> zit just me or are the new nokia's getting more and more gay? :
<SileNceR> Rudeboi - you're the only one getting more and more gay.
<Rudeboi> SileNceR: how did u know? ur sexy body just turns me on soo much
* Rudeboi goes and pukes after what he just said

Quote #1888 (+10) [ 2004-04-28, 01:21 ] [ + | - | X ]

<PolishMani> i didnt think it would be this hard to find a foos ball table in el cheapo one
<@Agg> I pity the foos.

Quote #2816 (+8) [ 2005-06-08, 11:03 ] [ + | - | X ]

<yaleman> <biatch> Jesus mc-fricken christ. Sweet mother of mary. Waxing your legs HURTS <=- pfft, I've had it done, wasn't that bad :)
<pooger> she's hairier
<strongbad> rofl

Quote #3065 (+8) [ 2005-11-03, 21:43 ] [ + | - | X ]

(SgtMjrTank) my god it drives me insane
(SgtMjrTank) "i can't do anything for myself. i ahve to ask the ocau community on how to do this."
(SgtMjrTank) next it will be "how do i put pants on? plz help asap."
(@Manaz) "OK, I've got a woman home, in bed. Where does my penis go? Normally its in my hand, but the last girl was disappointed when all I did was tug off to free internet pr0n"

Quote #2213 (+7) [ 2004-08-01, 21:07 ] [ + | - | X ]

<myth> anyone know how active directory aware windows me is compared to 9x ?
<Dizqord> if windows me became aware of anything it'd delete it self upon the realisation that it is windows me.
<Frosty> "oh my god, Im a horrible plague on the world.... format c:"

Quote #4149 (+9) [ 2007-06-06, 21:55 ] [ + | - | X ]

The_Dan: who here is on internet?
The_Dan: ...that is the dumbest thing i have ever said

Quote #212 (+6) [ 2002-12-28, 11:18 ] [ + | - | X ]

<aftahours> whats those script things called were it says like everything in a movie. like what they say word for word..
<Forraje> a script
<^catalyst> DURH

Quote #4174 (+3) [ 2007-07-02, 21:04 ] [ + | - | X ]

<sion> cant you just lock overclockers
<Nick> heh
<sh> no
<sh> they would find a way around it like joining two jumpers by drawing a line with a lead pencil or something

Quote #1208 (+1) [ 2003-10-24, 13:03 ] [ + | - | X ]

* brembo` farts
<brembo`> phwoar that stinks
* echelon hands brembo` a cork
<brembo`> bbiab

Quote #96 (+11) [ 2002-11-19, 06:40 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Lombers[A]> Simboo: it was fun, cept when my mate cracked his head open and we had to take him to the hospital
<Simboo> omg what happend?
<Lombers[A]> he ran into a low hanging section of the roof
<Lombers[A]> split his head
<Simboo> fwoar
<Lombers[A]> was pissing blood
<Simboo> stiches?
<Lombers[A]> about an inch cut
<Lombers[A]> yeah, 4 stitches
<Simboo> *shivers* eew.
<pace> lol needed a wall hack

Quote #1084 (+12) [ 2003-10-06, 09:32 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Fod> why is it that 'ZzZ' corresponds with sleep?
<Fod> when was the last time you heard someone snoring and it actually sounded like zZzZz
<Fod> it's more ... nGnGnGnGnGhhhhhhhhhhh

Quote #1924 (+7) [ 2004-05-06, 18:42 ] [ + | - | X ]

<brembo`> we got a delivery of magazines to work today
<brembo`> they were meant to be 'English Womans Weekly', we got pron mags

Quote #2502 (+8) [ 2005-01-16, 02:11 ] [ + | - | X ]

Ashley: You spell "faries" fairies, don't you?
Ashley: I'm lost. I haven't had the need to spell that word since I was in early primary school.
Lartnec: I believe so
Ashley: Lartnec, You should get a blog.
Lartnec: Hmm it's a thought
Jess|ZzZ: fairy
Jess|ZzZ: fairies
Lartnec: oi stop the insults
Lartnec: :P

Quote #4190 (+3) [ 2007-07-22, 16:03 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Stygian> USB guitar is incredibly vague.
<Stygian> Wow! Signal output to USB! What a revelation!
<QSC> Stygian: why dou always have to have such a negative attitude
<Stygian> QSC: Because there's really nothing to get excited about?
<QSC> Stygian: Get a girlfriend, she'll help you
<Stygian> I have a positive output on things when it's due.
<Stygian> Also. Who the christ are you to make assumptions on whether or not I have a girlfriend?
<QSC> oh dude it's obvious.
<Radar_> Touchy subject, make it less obvious man
<Stygian> Oh? And how is it obvious?
<fen> ok now its really obvious
<Stygian> Radar_: I'm not denying that I don't have one.
<Shaun> HOW DO U KNO IM 12
<QSC> your online persona smells heavily of basement dwelling virgin
<Stygian> Heh.

Quote #485 (+2) [ 2003-04-21, 22:55 ] [ + | - | X ]

<jase> I have a red head weakness
<Carrots> the chubby girl with the fake red hair ?
<jase> thats the one
<Carrots> ew
<Carrots> rather fap
<Carrots> on her face
<jase> oi
<Carrots> LOL
<jase> she went off
<Carrots> passed expiry date ?

Quote #2305 (+9) [ 2004-09-28, 00:18 ] [ + | - | X ]

<thetron> Hopefully i can do some warsitting from my AP
<INerTIal> lol
<INerTIal> warsitting
<INerTIal> thas a new one
<INerTIal> i do warbussing and warcabbing occasionally
<thetron> It's not. It when you sit on top of a hill with a Panabonic aerial and point it in different directions
<INerTIal> panabonic>
<INerTIal> ???
<INerTIal> you mean parabolic
<thetron> yeh i get the para bit confused
<Agg> panabonic is when you point your erection in different directions
<INerTIal> lol
<thor--> :]
<JesterX> i did that once
<JesterX> spent the night in the slammer
<thor--> i did it not so long ago, didnt pick anything up unfortunatley ;)

Quote #4017 (+3) [ 2007-01-25, 15:06 ] [ + | - | X ]

<carneeki> i'm going to burn in the special hell... the one reserved to axe murderers and people who talk in movies...
<carneeki> i just ripped the audio from the Anti Piracy movie snippet at the start of DVDs and set it to my ringtone...

Quote #1737 (+8) [ 2004-03-09, 23:24 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Nozz> damnit, is still down
<Nozz> how am I ever going to know whether its a site about pens or penises?

Quote #4053 (+8) [ 2007-03-11, 21:19 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Jake> Heh. Now SupCom won't start.
<Jake> Unable to start
<Jake> Please verify system meets minimum specifications.
<@Frag_Lord> lol u fail
<Jake> That's the most depressing error message I've ever gotten.
<DJ_HiP> mm that sure is a blow to the e-penis
<@Frag_Lord> indeed
<Jake> I was playing it earlier, but still.
<DJ_HiP> tis like a girl saying "are you sure your hard?"
<@Frag_Lord> lol
<Jake> Haha.
<@TheWedgie> "is it in yet?"

Quote #1065 (+6) [ 2003-10-04, 06:21 ] [ + | - | X ]

<FreeFrag> Wanna go for a drink Rage? I know this place around the corner...
<Rage> come pick me up
<FreeFrag> You're like a little pixie you are! *smooch*
<FreeFrag> thankgoodness we have eachother Rage
<Rage> its god's way of punishing me

Quote #2524 (+6) [ 2005-01-23, 11:12 ] [ + | - | X ]

<edj> oh hey mazza, can you get decryption's mobile number for me plz plz plz ^_^ i lost it when my phone died
<FreeFrag> edj, would you give your phone number to mazzaBBQ? Even if it was for someone else?
<edj> yep probably
<FreeFrag> :o
<edj> I'm desperately lonely
<edj> and want people to call me
<edj> lol

Quote #3287 (+4) [ 2006-03-22, 01:41 ] [ + | - | X ]

*** Agg [] has joined #overclockers
*** mode/#overclockers [+o Agg] by Z
<Agg> rargh/kslbn
<LemMinG> ah
<LemMinG> agg my dear chap
<aftahours> hi2u agg.
<LemMinG> it appears i will no longer need those 92mm ventillators you were going to so graciously supply
<LemMinG> as my associate has procured some from ebay
* LemMinG polishes his monocle
<Agg> LemMinG - splendid news, as my interminable slackness seemed destined to indefinitely prolong their onward distribution to your very own good self.
<outy> lol LemMinG
LemMinG> ow my ribs
<LemMinG> i can't help but laught every time i look at that now
<LemMinG> someone ugbox it please

Quote #2621 (+2) [ 2005-03-10, 16:39 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Borg> anyone remember a poll showing the age demographic of OCAU ?
<Agg> "how old are you?" in the pub
<Agg> iirc
<Borg> The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search : how, old, are, you
<sabretooth> haha
<Agg> rofl

Quote #912 (+4) [ 2003-08-15, 17:13 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Rage> and i'll just move the topic along to the legality of the improperly implemented public licence in this case
<Rage> for my butt's sake
<yaleman> aol closed it up
<Rage> yeah
<Erve> his butt?
<yaleman> GAY
<^catalyst> eww
<Rage> i want to know if anyone has made something similar... oh, yaleman you bad man :S

Quote #1880 (+3) [ 2004-04-27, 10:26 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Yuuhi-kun> once my japanese class starts
<Yuuhi-kun> im gonna ask the finest girl in the class out
<The_uniKoRnio> lol
<Skylar> lol
<ltCd-> ......
<Yuuhi-kun> and get rejected
<Skylar> ull get rejected
<ltCd-> and ur gonna get rejected.

Quote #3111 (+2) [ 2005-11-27, 20:29 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Fod> uwe boll
<Fod> the man is a genius
<Fod> no doubt about it
<Fod> no one could possibly be that hopeless, so the only alternative is that he's simply misunderstood

Quote #833 (+4) [ 2003-07-31, 18:59 ] [ + | - | X ]

(Ros`away): is back -( making dinner )- gone 29 min 32 s
* Ros`away is now known as RoSWeLL
<Spark_No2> wha? u bought pizza?
<RoSWeLL> no made myself some dinner i dislike scallops
<Spark_No2> ewww scallops remind me of licking a pussy after its been bushwalking and hasnt had a shower
<RoSWeLL> lol

Quote #297 (+1) [ 2003-02-02, 10:53 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Moose> I just got side clipped by a faggot in what looked like a red RX7
<Agg> you could tell he was a faggot but you couldn't tell what kind of car he had?

Quote #2444 (+9) [ 2004-12-21, 21:46 ] [ + | - | X ]

* aftahours was kicked by aftahours (stupid noob)
* aftahours has joined #overclockers
<aftahours> oops, that was supposed to be for Agg

Quote #1786 (+6) [ 2004-03-29, 17:13 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Owen> What's better than winning the paralymics?
<Owen> Legs.

Quote #2308 (+7) [ 2004-09-28, 22:10 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Junkz> only 2 things smell like fish
<Junkz> and one of them is fish

Quote #438 (+3) [ 2003-03-31, 21:35 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Mystro|T|> any one know any good channels on EFnet to get movies??
<Narc|LAG> #gaymansexformystro
<Enfilade> Nah, #funkybuttlovingformystro is better
<Groomy> theres noone in those channels :(

Quote #387 (+4) [ 2003-03-09, 17:26 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Hiro-> Oh man, I was eating at the computer today, and a piece of my muesli bar fell on the fall. I figured ten second rule so I grabbed it, didn't bother looking at it to check, blew on it to get rid of anything on it, and put it in my had like a forest of dog hairs on it.
<Hiro-> I gagged.

Quote #1980 (+5) [ 2004-05-19, 21:37 ] [ + | - | X ]

* Hibba kicks google
<remote_man> why kick google?
<remote_man> Hibba: i'd be careful kicking google in here
<remote_man> google is irc's version fo the bible

Quote #2393 (+47) [ 2004-11-20, 18:28 ] [ + | - | X ]

<V8R> my son can dismantle anything :(
<Redback> hide the screwdrivers
<One``> you dont want to come home to a pile of dismantled screwdrivers

Quote #1072 (+12) [ 2003-10-05, 05:16 ] [ + | - | X ]

<sabretooth> Car still don't start
* sabretooth mutters
<Fod> maybe the fuel line is clogged with hair

Quote #283 (+7) [ 2003-01-25, 06:32 ] [ + | - | X ]

<pace> ?
<sabretooth> That's a good question.

Quote #3612 (+18) [ 2006-10-23, 22:52 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Jessica> Agg: I only just saw your "ohmly" pun, and fuck you. I groaned.
<Agg> Jessica - pfft, you've got to stay more current than that.
<Jessica> OH GOD
<Agg> watt?
<aftahours> lol
<sabretooth> I'm here, I'm here
<Jessica> I'm vomiting groans all over the place.
<Agg> my work here is done.
<Agg> (potentially)
* thetron gives Agg a medal
<Jessica> Agg: One of my friends has the following to say
<Jessica> "I laughed really hard at the "watt". That was shockingly good."
<Jessica> me: "SHUT UP"
<Agg> hehe
<Jessica> him: "Sorry, I didn't mean to jolt you like that "
<Agg> tell him to stop arcing on about it.
<Jessica> Me too. People think I'm so down to earth, then bam. Puns.
<TheWedgie> bit of a humour brownout there Agg.
<sabretooth> Oh no.
<Jessica> People think I'm so down to earth, then bam. Puns.
<Jessica> ..yeah.
<Agg> yes, i had an alternate, but i decided to be more direct.
<Jessica> you two need to get a fucking room.
<sabretooth> Everyone, LOOK AWAY
<Jessica> "I'll be generating these things for a while"
<TheWedgie> i guess you could really socket to em though.
* Agg averts his gaze
<Jin-Jah> Agg you're a shocker
<sabretooth> The pun-o-meter's going off the scale
<Jessica> "He oughta be charged for that one"
<sabretooth> Ohh, very good. But GROAN.
<Jessica> "I mean, it had a lot of potential"
<TheWedgie> Jessica - still plugging away eh..
<sabretooth> Agg, she's starting to outpun you.
<Turophile> :)
<Agg> hey, i already used potential! you've blown it, buddy!
<sabretooth> The puns are discharging all over the place.
<Jessica> Really?
<Agg> what are you, anode?
* BTC chases the puns all over the place
<BTC> whoop whoop whoop
<sabretooth> Agg, it was induced out of me.
<aftahours> agg can't resist.
<Asteroid> well that sure sent the conversation flat
<Ashley> IRC: Outlet for insanity.
<sabretooth> I nearly diode.
<aftahours> lol
<TheWedgie> hahahaha
<Agg> it's ok, i've nearly discharged my capacity.
<Asteroid> ooh, resistance
<Turophile> IRC: Outlet of my insanity, inlet of others.
* aftahours steals agg's pot
<sabretooth> Hey I used discharge!
<Jin-Jah> nice triode at a final attempt there
<sabretooth> I'll have to pop a cap in yo ass.
<Asteroid> ooh subtly afta :)
<Agg> i blame Jessica. she LED us all astray.
<V8R[hm]> heh
<Jessica> alrighty
<Bern> YOU lot are revolting
<Asteroid> just cause Agg'solder than us!
<sabretooth> Clearly, she could have short circuited the whole thing and passed this whole mess
<thetron> Bern: Sorry mr sexy pants
<aftahours> <Asteroid> just cause Agg'solder than us! <-- lmao
<sabretooth> Bern: thetron wasn't energised by your pun, clearly.
<TheWedgie> you two sure are generating a lot of puns...
<Agg> we're all a bit excited.
<V8R[hm]> man, you guys are on fire.. my side hertz from the lol
* Shaun rocks out to AC/DC
<Shadey> lol
<Bern> sabretooth: his reply has left me flat
<Asteroid> i used that one
<BradR|Lap> heh
* V8R[hm] gives Bern a wave
* thetron wonders where the world is i386 camera 1 is now
<Agg> and i don't mean to be negative.. but i've got to go to the bank and repay what cathode.
* Asteroid sines out
* Agg bows out
* sabretooth sines a few autographs.
<Asteroid> stop being such squares
<Agg> don't be so inverse.
<BradR|Lap> heh
<V8R[hm]> this is looking terminal
<Cypher`> how far away is the bank as the CRO flys?
<V8R[hm]> lol
<Asteroid> i could cut the tension in here with a sawtooth
<Jin-Jah> hahaha
<BTC> The name is Baud......, James Baud...
<sabretooth> Agg, I don't like your conduct.
<V8R[hm]> try Asteroid, much HT in here
<BradR|Lap> some people are showing really odd sines in here
<BradR|Lap> im worried
<Agg> sabretooth - i'm not here to shroud you from interference.
<BradR|Lap> resistance is futile!
* Asteroid equips RF sheilding
<sabretooth> Agg, but I'll only be here faraday.
* Asteroid transforms
<BTC> Disinformation is not as good as datinformation
<Agg> sabretooth - put it away, fermi.
<Shadey> HAHA
<V8R[hm]> all your base, Asteroid...
<Asteroid> what you say?
<sabretooth> I'm feeling pretty polarised by the whole thing.
* Asteroid PICs up his socks
* Bern calls the coppers
<kelwyn> quit while youre still ahead, sunshine
<sabretooth> Bern: maybe they can amp it up a bit
<Turophile> I'll awp you.
<Bern> I'm sure they can trace the source of the breakout sabretooth
<sabretooth> Damn, I think I'm punned out.
<Shadey> haha
<TheWedgie> suffered a pun blackout sabretooth?
<falkor> sabretooth, i find that impossible to believe
<kelwyn> sabretooth, i told you to quit while you were ahead
<sabretooth> The whole thing's been rather electrifying.
<Bern> if you meditate you can recharge your pun bank
<Turophile> Asteroid: Difuse?
<Turophile> Asteroid: I'll Hue/Saturate you in a minute =
<Bern> follow after me... Ohmmmm, Ohmmm
<sabretooth> I'm quite fluxed.
<Bern> Solder on sabretooth, solder on
<sabretooth> That was used :p
<sabretooth> You shouldn't oscillate around the same words.
<kelwyn> sabretooth stop
<sabretooth> The way you flyback to the same old words just doesn't work!
<kelwyn> you;re getting painful to watch
<sabretooth> Gah!
<sabretooth> But the frequency of the puns is increasing!
<kelwyn> sabz, dont be that guy.
<sabretooth> hEMF. Okay, I'll stop.
* kelwyn stabs sabre

Quote #3036 (+2) [ 2005-10-19, 22:28 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Jazarus> I want to stop looking at porn and go back to going to church
<Fred_Nurk> sure you do
<IKT> get a psp, do both at the same time