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Quote #2446 (+3) [ 2004-12-22, 18:16 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Remote_Man> this corsair runs hot
<Remote_Man> what vdimm should i be running it at?
<Narcolepsy> You must do what you feel is right, young luke.
<phextwin> Use the volts Remote_Man.
<Narcolepsy> The DIMM is with you.
<Remote_Man> I can't it's to much
<phextwin> That is where you fail.
<Narcolepsy> You must believe in yourself.
<Narcolepsy> (the forks in strong in this pun)

Quote #351 (+4) [ 2003-02-22, 21:54 ] [ + | - | X ]

*** God was kicked by Yaleman (I kicked god!)
*** God has joined #rice
<God> you will pay for that when you die Yaleman

Quote #74 (+6) [ 2002-11-14, 08:35 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Darkness> tron : I bet you have a lot of ideas, right?
<thetron> Darkness quote me from the movie "the castle"
<Darkness> tron "Fuck off you clown?"

Quote #39 (+21) [ 2002-10-28, 07:09 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Cav> WhiteyFord: i am the arse of this rooms homosexual jokes :(
*** sabretooth changed topic to ' (rego and payments close this week!) - HAPPY BDAY KYOCERA! | <Cav> WhiteyFord: i am the arse of this rooms homosexual'
<sabretooth> Gee, it doesn't quite fit :)
<Cav> oh dear god...
* Cav is never going to live this one down

Quote #24 (+10) [ 2002-10-25, 07:54 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Dopefish> there is sometimes a denial stage in drinking
<Agg> no there isn't!

Quote #2551 (+1) [ 2005-01-31, 00:39 ] [ + | - | X ]

<AMD64> okay........
<AMD64> lets get this show on the road people
<outonanisl> AMD64 you sound like my mother, next are you going to say "shit a brick" and "lets make like a tree and leave" ?
<AMD64> shit a brick
<AMD64> lets make like a tree and leave
<outonanisl> starwars episode 4 - the lameness continues
<AMD64> starring outonanisl
<outonanisl> and his trusty dropkick, AMD64

Quote #2683 (+7) [ 2005-04-14, 21:21 ] [ + | - | X ]

* Anakin (box200@ has joined #ls1
<Anakin> voodoo @ sublime?
<VooDooo> Darth Vader?
<VooDooo> Im the original VooDoo. the others are all clones
<VooDooo> there was a clone war once
<VooDooo> I won
* Anakin (box200@ Quit(Quit)
<VooDooo> See

Quote #3494 (+8) [ 2006-08-06, 13:30 ] [ + | - | X ]

<One``> beta was a bad boy. he was evil. he shall not be missed and the intentions of the asteroid shall be viewed as peaceful
<Teddybear> beta got banned?
<Teddybear> wow, there must be a god up there
<Shaun> Beta got banned? What caused that?
<Asteroid> Beta being himself?
<One``> beta was banned?
<Teddybear> and people wonder how rumours start
<Teddybear> :p
* beta ( has joined #overclockers
<Teddybear> BWAHAHA...

Quote #816 (+3) [ 2003-07-27, 09:59 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Carrots> so hang on... do nerds use IRC?
<Cl0wn_L0ve> no
<Cl0wn_L0ve> they use msn
<Cl0wn_L0ve> they like the more interactive smiley faces
<Carrots> LOL
<Cl0wn_L0ve> :P dont excite them enough

Quote #4109 (+3) [ 2007-05-06, 00:45 ] [ + | - | X ]

<biatch> is there any truth to that dreams-mean-stuff stuff!?
<Agg> biatch - natalie portman better hope not!
<Agg> coz some of the whacky stuff we get up to in my dreams, hoo boy.

Quote #2657 (+8) [ 2005-03-31, 00:20 ] [ + | - | X ]

<One``> most chicks comment on how they wish they were lesbians around me

Quote #3533 (+1) [ 2006-09-03, 12:35 ] [ + | - | X ]

<leesa> if you're referring to sex, csimpson, i haven't had sex in months.
* leesa is now known as biatch
<Narcolepsy> I haven't had sex in...
<Sunset> poor biatch
<Rainwulf> for 7 months
<Narcolepsy> Almost exactly 30 hours. Hell ought to freeze over.
<Rainwulf> hrmm
<Rainwulf> time for a beer
* Narcolepsy is now known as Narc|Busy
<SirPNut> yes, the thought of even Narcolepsy getting more sex than you is enough to drive anybody to alcoholism
<Rainwulf> true
<Rainwulf> then again he is a sexy man
* Narc|Busy struts.
<Rainwulf> and in the military
<Narc|Busy> Yeah, everyone loves a man in uniform.
<Rainwulf> how could any girl resist
<Narc|Busy> Hell, I even had to turn Rainwulf down.
<biatch> Yeah but you guys are probably missing the vital point.
<biatch> Narc|Busy is probably getting sex from military MEN
<Rainwulf> being
<Rainwulf> lol
<Tabris> eh, in these modern times why be picky :P
<Narc|Busy> Any hole's a goal, right?

Quote #1004 (+6) [ 2003-09-07, 12:11 ] [ + | - | X ]

* BOB[ZzZz] has joined #nightowls
* BOB[ZzZz] is now known as BOB
* BOB is now known as BOB_LOE
<BOB_LOE> mornin ladies n gents
<BOB_LOE> oh hi bob
<BOB_LOE> hey dude!
<BOB_LOE> how you going?
<BOB_LOE> not too bad
<BOB_LOE> your looking pretty sexy today
<BOB_LOE> yup :D you dont look too bad yourself
<BOB_LOE> why thankyou kind sir
<BOB_LOE> is that a mars bar in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?
<BOB_LOE> actually its a mars bar
<BOB_LOE> oh :(
* BOB_LOE is now known as BOB|Out

Quote #671 (+5) [ 2003-06-15, 15:31 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Charlie^^> God damn i hate employers
<Charlie^^> Especcially when they owe you around 600$
<Charlie^^> And then go so far into debt they have to go to sydney for a few months to get out of back debt
<Trav_> well that's why you don't be someones bitch then

Quote #171 (+5) [ 2002-12-16, 08:19 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Decker> Cav worships the ass demon
* Cav is just like that :)
<Womb0> Cav: ur strange
<Cav> yeah
<Cav> im a complete fucking wierdo :)

Quote #1686 (+7) [ 2004-02-24, 15:56 ] [ + | - | X ]

<SUPAMODEL> hrrm... I should get musical airhorns for the new pootah
<SUPAMODEL> they'd be awesome
<SUPAMODEL> put this big fuckoff missile style switch on the front: "DO NOT PRESS ME"
<SUPAMODEL> go to a lan
<SUPAMODEL> go off to the toilet
<echelon> watch from a distance
<echelon> 'hrm... whats this button do...'
<SUPAMODEL> wait for some dumb fuck to lift toggle, hit switch & shit themselves

Quote #400 (+5) [ 2003-03-14, 06:44 ] [ + | - | X ]

* DJ-Studd is glad that he has carrots on his ignore list
<Carrots> good on you dj studd,, you cant see me slagging off your mum
* Fragwizard wonders for a moment.
* Agg sets mode: +b *!*@(hidden)
* Carrots was kicked by Agg (if you're an idiot and you know it, have a ban)

Quote #2463 (+4) [ 2005-01-03, 20:50 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Hadamona> IRC is the only friend I have :/

Quote #1458 (+2) [ 2003-12-27, 01:54 ] [ + | - | X ]

<predder> well figure out which courses i'm meant to enrol in next semester biatch..
<biatch> sure!
<predder> just a course code will do fine
<biatch> How to NOT cheat on your girlfriend 1.1
<biatch> Being a nice guy.... for UTTER MORONS
<biatch> eheheheheheheheheheh
<biatch> sorry :)
* biatch sits back down.
<@Agg> you need How To Get A Girlfriend 1.0 first
<biatch> perhaps you can lend him your copy, Agg
* predder just enrols in "how to kill yourself with a shotgun 1.1"
<@Agg> sure.. mine's barely used

Quote #1299 (+2) [ 2003-11-10, 21:59 ] [ + | - | X ]

(@Fatal|ShadowBlade) hey PalaNIN
(@PalaNIN) hey
(@Fatal|ShadowBlade) youe mum ever caught you having a wank behind the fridge??
(@PalaNIN) only once
(@Fatal|ShadowBlade) its a good spot hey
(@PalaNIN) yeah, i do it in the leftover pasta
(@PalaNIN) fucken owns.

Quote #1592 (+6) [ 2004-02-04, 18:06 ] [ + | - | X ]

[@Agg] the worst thing about looking for pool table accessories on ebay is you also get pool accessories. like men's speedos. with pictures on the items listing page.
[orlock] Agg: try snooker :)
[@Agg] pooltable pooltable cue cue lights pooltable GENITALS

Quote #3129 (+4) [ 2005-12-11, 15:44 ] [ + | - | X ]

(@Sticks) did j00 go have a whittle whinge to agg?
(surok1) no but i will now
Mode» (Agg) sets (+b *!*
This (*!* ban affects (surok1)
Kick» (surok1) was kicked by (Agg) (don't bother)

Quote #4191 (+11) [ 2007-07-27, 17:59 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Wayne> I just got a parcel
<Ghoaty> is it sultanas?
<Gamma> bomb?
<Syxx`> white powder
<Wayne> It is a Dell battery, so the prize goes to Gamma

Quote #1849 (+7) [ 2004-04-17, 11:11 ] [ + | - | X ]

*** Now talking in #overclockers
*** Topic is ''trent in datacentre now, server swap proceeding''
*** Joins: Matthew (Matthew@
<Matthew> is OCAU Down?
*** reax sets mode: +b *!*@
*** Matthew was kicked by reax (yeah whatever)

Quote #1738 (+8) [ 2004-03-11, 00:34 ] [ + | - | X ]

<adi> a win xp gnome theme is the most downloaded per day
<adi> ROFL!! i just installed the winXP theme, and i selected it, and gnome crashed!! they managed to get the windows theme just perfect!!

Quote #1917 (+10) [ 2004-05-04, 21:04 ] [ + | - | X ]

<@Crudmuffin> ooh, got our new couch btw.
<@Crudmuffin> leather > *
<Erve> skin on leather > *
<@DDsD> Skin > *
* @DDsD wiins

Quote #1170 (+2) [ 2003-10-19, 19:42 ] [ + | - | X ]

<thetron> whats the linux version for disk scan?
<Quadbox> <thetron> whats the linux version for disk scan? <-- fsck
<Quadbox> thetron: Which filesystem?
<yale_code> fsck j0o!
<thetron> Redhat 9.0
<m[a]zzanet> lol
<yale_code> bwahahahah
<Quadbox> thetron: Filesystem, not distro version. EXT3? Reiserfs?
<thetron> Quadbox yep. me think so

Quote #3320 (+7) [ 2006-04-10, 18:26 ] [ + | - | X ]

<n00dle> bahahah
<n00dle> go australia post.
<n00dle> A large letter is an article with the following characteristics:
<n00dle> * Is not a Small Letter
<n00dle> * It is rectangular in shape

Quote #4303 (+2) [ 2008-04-27, 22:36 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Cavalier> lawl...a HJ commercial just came on TV
<brodsta> The burgers are better....
* bungs has quit (Quit: This computer has gone to sleep)
<recon> food prepared by 14 year olds ftw
<brodsta> You haven't had grease till you've had adolescent acne
<recon> D:

Quote #3237 (+2) [ 2006-02-03, 01:23 ] [ + | - | X ]

<dec> is it sad if I go out and just 'admire' my car?
<dec> or peek at it through the window?
<dec> maybe i could just go and sleep in it tonight
<aftahours> lol
<dec> i was serious :(

Quote #2618 (+8) [ 2005-03-09, 13:34 ] [ + | - | X ]

<thetron> Lurks: Hows your engrlish?
<Lurks> thetron: as good as yours
<yaleman> thetron doesn't speak engrish, he speaks tronlish, which is even more garbled
<ace234> who needs 128bit encryption when you have tronlish
<Lurks> ace234: 128bit is based on tronlish
<yaleman> haha

Quote #1425 (+7) [ 2003-12-07, 22:42 ] [ + | - | X ]

Shadey: my pc sound is broken again
Shadey: dad said he was playing battlefields and it just stopped
Shadey: i tried winamp and its broken
TheWedgie: go down to the system tray and click on the nforce control panel icon
Shadey: its off. i have the side off the case. i thought it might be the jumpers again. they just can come off cant they?
TheWedgie: no
Shadey: ok its on now
TheWedgie: go down to the system tray and click on the nforce control panel icon
TheWedgie: and?
Shadey: it was muted

Quote #1103 (+3) [ 2003-10-11, 01:49 ] [ + | - | X ]

* neolithic breaks out in an unnecessary rap
<Frag|A> * neolithic breaks out in an unnecessary crap <--Having a normal day again neo?

Quote #4329 (+9) [ 2008-06-06, 21:43 ] [ + | - | X ]

[21:40] <Wayne>
[21:40] <Wayne> An Australian woman is under police guard in a Vietnam hospital after a bag of heroin she was allegedly trying to smuggle broke inside her body.
[21:40] <fen> win! o/
[21:40] <chunks> haha?
[21:40] <Wayne> "This is the first case in which we have found heroin in a person's anus. We have treated people having swallowed heroin before."
[21:41] <Wayne> Remember kids: when taking drugs it has most likely been up somebodies anus.
[21:42] <DmeciuM> That's a good point, wayne
[21:43] * Lemming smokes more pot
[21:43] <Evangel> Ass pot?
[21:43] * chunks notionally smokes pot
[21:43] <Lemming> fertilized with products of an anus, never been up there though
[21:43] <fen> somewhere, at sometime, a drug addled fucktard is going to read that story and think, i could probably get that out with a straw...
[21:43] <Lemming> lol
[21:43] <chunks> hahah I already did fen
[21:44] * Sheri backs away from Lemming

Quote #1683 (+6) [ 2004-02-23, 19:58 ] [ + | - | X ]

(Tensop-): if i was to become dictator/prime minister of australia... the first thing i would do is ban polyphonic and melody ring tones.

Quote #872 (+3) [ 2003-08-10, 23:08 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Sponge> we found this mag at t42 with nude pics in it right
<Sponge> so we tore the pages out
<head_rush> Did you beat off
<Sponge> and when wee were at iso
<Sponge> we stood at the top of the lift and kept sending a page at a time down stairs
<Sponge> the lift would come back up empty

Quote #921 (+12) [ 2003-08-17, 15:53 ] [ + | - | X ]

* FLoRa gives FreeFrag another cookie for being cool
<FreeFrag> If I get cookies based on how cool I am, I should have the whole packet.
<FreeFrag> *grin*
<brembo`> an empty packet that is

Quote #1424 (+4) [ 2003-12-07, 22:34 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Oasis> you guys know any unlimted ISDN plans?
<Krazy_Ivan> yeah
<Oasis> oh?
<PalaNIN> i've been there
<PalaNIN> great stuff
<Oasis> ah k cool thanks
<PalaNIN> :/
<Krazy_Ivan> lol :/
<Oasis> that site dun work
<Oasis> got a new link?
<PalaNIN> server might be down
<Krazy_Ivan> yeah must be damn

Quote #3146 (+10) [ 2005-12-17, 17:12 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Kim> how much oil should go into a corolla you guys think
<FreeFrag> fillerup
<Kim> well i have put in about 4 litres into it =
<Kim> or 3
<Kim> i cant remember
<auenf> uhh, have you checked the dipstick?
<Kim> the what?
<Kim> dipstick?
<Kim> whats that?

Quote #199 (+10) [ 2002-12-24, 12:42 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Draffa> you're not omnicient, just godlike :D
<stroggos2k> I think you're pretty damm close to allmighty
<Agg> okey dokey.. getting a little stalkerish now..

Quote #699 (+12) [ 2003-06-25, 22:50 ] [ + | - | X ]

* Quilb shakes head at the level of conversation. its not even 2am yet
* Darkness puts hand to ear. And this just in, Fuck you, Quilb. Thanks, tom!

Quote #4237 (+6) [ 2007-10-29, 21:33 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Rainwulf> fucking hell, one of my friends has MSN and has a virus that keeps trying to send out infected marriages
<csimpson> an infected marriage would suck
<csimpson> even more than a regular marriage

Quote #3612 (+19) [ 2006-10-23, 22:52 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Jessica> Agg: I only just saw your "ohmly" pun, and fuck you. I groaned.
<Agg> Jessica - pfft, you've got to stay more current than that.
<Jessica> OH GOD
<Agg> watt?
<aftahours> lol
<sabretooth> I'm here, I'm here
<Jessica> I'm vomiting groans all over the place.
<Agg> my work here is done.
<Agg> (potentially)
* thetron gives Agg a medal
<Jessica> Agg: One of my friends has the following to say
<Jessica> "I laughed really hard at the "watt". That was shockingly good."
<Jessica> me: "SHUT UP"
<Agg> hehe
<Jessica> him: "Sorry, I didn't mean to jolt you like that "
<Agg> tell him to stop arcing on about it.
<Jessica> Me too. People think I'm so down to earth, then bam. Puns.
<TheWedgie> bit of a humour brownout there Agg.
<sabretooth> Oh no.
<Jessica> People think I'm so down to earth, then bam. Puns.
<Jessica> ..yeah.
<Agg> yes, i had an alternate, but i decided to be more direct.
<Jessica> you two need to get a fucking room.
<sabretooth> Everyone, LOOK AWAY
<Jessica> "I'll be generating these things for a while"
<TheWedgie> i guess you could really socket to em though.
* Agg averts his gaze
<Jin-Jah> Agg you're a shocker
<sabretooth> The pun-o-meter's going off the scale
<Jessica> "He oughta be charged for that one"
<sabretooth> Ohh, very good. But GROAN.
<Jessica> "I mean, it had a lot of potential"
<TheWedgie> Jessica - still plugging away eh..
<sabretooth> Agg, she's starting to outpun you.
<Turophile> :)
<Agg> hey, i already used potential! you've blown it, buddy!
<sabretooth> The puns are discharging all over the place.
<Jessica> Really?
<Agg> what are you, anode?
* BTC chases the puns all over the place
<BTC> whoop whoop whoop
<sabretooth> Agg, it was induced out of me.
<aftahours> agg can't resist.
<Asteroid> well that sure sent the conversation flat
<Ashley> IRC: Outlet for insanity.
<sabretooth> I nearly diode.
<aftahours> lol
<TheWedgie> hahahaha
<Agg> it's ok, i've nearly discharged my capacity.
<Asteroid> ooh, resistance
<Turophile> IRC: Outlet of my insanity, inlet of others.
* aftahours steals agg's pot
<sabretooth> Hey I used discharge!
<Jin-Jah> nice triode at a final attempt there
<sabretooth> I'll have to pop a cap in yo ass.
<Asteroid> ooh subtly afta :)
<Agg> i blame Jessica. she LED us all astray.
<V8R[hm]> heh
<Jessica> alrighty
<Bern> YOU lot are revolting
<Asteroid> just cause Agg'solder than us!
<sabretooth> Clearly, she could have short circuited the whole thing and passed this whole mess
<thetron> Bern: Sorry mr sexy pants
<aftahours> <Asteroid> just cause Agg'solder than us! <-- lmao
<sabretooth> Bern: thetron wasn't energised by your pun, clearly.
<TheWedgie> you two sure are generating a lot of puns...
<Agg> we're all a bit excited.
<V8R[hm]> man, you guys are on fire.. my side hertz from the lol
* Shaun rocks out to AC/DC
<Shadey> lol
<Bern> sabretooth: his reply has left me flat
<Asteroid> i used that one
<BradR|Lap> heh
* V8R[hm] gives Bern a wave
* thetron wonders where the world is i386 camera 1 is now
<Agg> and i don't mean to be negative.. but i've got to go to the bank and repay what cathode.
* Asteroid sines out
* Agg bows out
* sabretooth sines a few autographs.
<Asteroid> stop being such squares
<Agg> don't be so inverse.
<BradR|Lap> heh
<V8R[hm]> this is looking terminal
<Cypher`> how far away is the bank as the CRO flys?
<V8R[hm]> lol
<Asteroid> i could cut the tension in here with a sawtooth
<Jin-Jah> hahaha
<BTC> The name is Baud......, James Baud...
<sabretooth> Agg, I don't like your conduct.
<V8R[hm]> try Asteroid, much HT in here
<BradR|Lap> some people are showing really odd sines in here
<BradR|Lap> im worried
<Agg> sabretooth - i'm not here to shroud you from interference.
<BradR|Lap> resistance is futile!
* Asteroid equips RF sheilding
<sabretooth> Agg, but I'll only be here faraday.
* Asteroid transforms
<BTC> Disinformation is not as good as datinformation
<Agg> sabretooth - put it away, fermi.
<Shadey> HAHA
<V8R[hm]> all your base, Asteroid...
<Asteroid> what you say?
<sabretooth> I'm feeling pretty polarised by the whole thing.
* Asteroid PICs up his socks
* Bern calls the coppers
<kelwyn> quit while youre still ahead, sunshine
<sabretooth> Bern: maybe they can amp it up a bit
<Turophile> I'll awp you.
<Bern> I'm sure they can trace the source of the breakout sabretooth
<sabretooth> Damn, I think I'm punned out.
<Shadey> haha
<TheWedgie> suffered a pun blackout sabretooth?
<falkor> sabretooth, i find that impossible to believe
<kelwyn> sabretooth, i told you to quit while you were ahead
<sabretooth> The whole thing's been rather electrifying.
<Bern> if you meditate you can recharge your pun bank
<Turophile> Asteroid: Difuse?
<Turophile> Asteroid: I'll Hue/Saturate you in a minute =
<Bern> follow after me... Ohmmmm, Ohmmm
<sabretooth> I'm quite fluxed.
<Bern> Solder on sabretooth, solder on
<sabretooth> That was used :p
<sabretooth> You shouldn't oscillate around the same words.
<kelwyn> sabretooth stop
<sabretooth> The way you flyback to the same old words just doesn't work!
<kelwyn> you;re getting painful to watch
<sabretooth> Gah!
<sabretooth> But the frequency of the puns is increasing!
<kelwyn> sabz, dont be that guy.
<sabretooth> hEMF. Okay, I'll stop.
* kelwyn stabs sabre

Quote #2696 (+2) [ 2005-04-20, 00:54 ] [ + | - | X ]

<thetron> Penis image alert on the forums!
<@Wolfy> quick thetron, look now before it gets deleted, then you can compare it with yours

Quote #547 (+5) [ 2003-05-14, 00:13 ] [ + | - | X ]

<mnkymajik> my datasecurity assignment sounds like a bad porn movie script
<mnkymajik> "Louise is able to perform a spoofing attack...."
<Rex-Out> haha

Quote #4106 (+2) [ 2007-05-05, 21:51 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Lits> sex is free if the other party is willing...
<Lits> or unconscious...
<Gamma> Lits the only price of sex is the price of a small bottle of cloroform

Quote #639 (+6) [ 2003-06-08, 19:00 ] [ + | - | X ]

<z3[n]> ur just a kid urself
<Narcolepsy> *your...
<Gibbon> hehe
<VooDoo> lol

Quote #751 (+5) [ 2003-07-08, 01:34 ] [ + | - | X ]

* @MOH[A]MED is back (Back from: brain my does function properly not food without) Gone for 18mins 36secs
<@MzSuNsHiNe> moe ur brain my does function properly not food without <--- dosn't make sense

Quote #2125 (+6) [ 2004-07-09, 21:16 ] [ + | - | X ]

* ace234 wants 1TB of space for the wank factor
* kizzap wants the wank
<kizzap> factor too

Quote #1415 (+7) [ 2003-12-05, 00:02 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Akumas> Agg, aren't you the almighty owner of OCAU?
<Agg> coroner - because they are profoundly uncomfortable for long distances :)
<Hunter> agg would that be like riding a mountain bike for a couple of days
<Agg> Akumas - no, that's a guy called thetron.. i just work here
* Banzai is now known as Banzai[CS]
<Akumas> Oh, sorry.. 'work' are you employed by ocau?
* BBQ_69 has quit IRC (Quit: Connection reset by retards trying to toast buns.)
<coroner> hopefully they have improved i plan to ride to phillip island in 2 yrs
<Moose> What bike is comfortable for long distances?
<Hunter> a trike
<Agg> kinda. it's part of my parole agreement. counts as community service.
<Akumas> I see I see..
* definate has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Akumas> Hope I'm not being too nosey