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Quote #39 (+20) [ 2002-10-28, 07:09 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Cav> WhiteyFord: i am the arse of this rooms homosexual jokes :(
*** sabretooth changed topic to ' (rego and payments close this week!) - HAPPY BDAY KYOCERA! | <Cav> WhiteyFord: i am the arse of this rooms homosexual'
<sabretooth> Gee, it doesn't quite fit :)
<Cav> oh dear god...
* Cav is never going to live this one down

Quote #1660 (+20) [ 2004-02-19, 19:28 ] [ + | - | X ]

<FreeFrag> It's right?
<@gords> yes
<FreeFrag> *sigh* I'm so farked.
<knowsfords> FreeFrag: gamble the domain at the casino and lost it?
<FreeFrag> Yeah.
<FreeFrag> Sorry guys.
* Z sets mode: +o FreeFrag
<knowsfords> you just have a vendetta against ugbox dont you?
* FreeFrag changes topic to 'Sorry guys, FreeFrag gambled the domain name at the casino last night and lost. We're now (Hey, it isn't that bad)'
* Fod changes topic to '"FreeFrag ... last night ... hot naked giraffes" - that's all i could make out'

Quote #1666 (+20) [ 2004-02-20, 14:29 ] [ + | - | X ]

<SUPAMODEL> fuckit...
<SUPAMODEL> downloaded what is supposedly the lion king
<SUPAMODEL> but it's a 3 hour sweedish porn film
<SUPAMODEL> that's not so bad, I know

Quote #2405 (+20) [ 2004-12-01, 12:39 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Owen> Kirsten has been listening to Britney Spear's greatest hits non stop for the last three days
<Skitzo> Uhh
<Skitzo> Britney Spear's greatest hits?
<Skitzo> Is it a blank CD?

Quote #3612 (+20) [ 2006-10-23, 22:52 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Jessica> Agg: I only just saw your "ohmly" pun, and fuck you. I groaned.
<Agg> Jessica - pfft, you've got to stay more current than that.
<Jessica> OH GOD
<Agg> watt?
<aftahours> lol
<sabretooth> I'm here, I'm here
<Jessica> I'm vomiting groans all over the place.
<Agg> my work here is done.
<Agg> (potentially)
* thetron gives Agg a medal
<Jessica> Agg: One of my friends has the following to say
<Jessica> "I laughed really hard at the "watt". That was shockingly good."
<Jessica> me: "SHUT UP"
<Agg> hehe
<Jessica> him: "Sorry, I didn't mean to jolt you like that "
<Agg> tell him to stop arcing on about it.
<Jessica> Me too. People think I'm so down to earth, then bam. Puns.
<TheWedgie> bit of a humour brownout there Agg.
<sabretooth> Oh no.
<Jessica> People think I'm so down to earth, then bam. Puns.
<Jessica> ..yeah.
<Agg> yes, i had an alternate, but i decided to be more direct.
<Jessica> you two need to get a fucking room.
<sabretooth> Everyone, LOOK AWAY
<Jessica> "I'll be generating these things for a while"
<TheWedgie> i guess you could really socket to em though.
* Agg averts his gaze
<Jin-Jah> Agg you're a shocker
<sabretooth> The pun-o-meter's going off the scale
<Jessica> "He oughta be charged for that one"
<sabretooth> Ohh, very good. But GROAN.
<Jessica> "I mean, it had a lot of potential"
<TheWedgie> Jessica - still plugging away eh..
<sabretooth> Agg, she's starting to outpun you.
<Turophile> :)
<Agg> hey, i already used potential! you've blown it, buddy!
<sabretooth> The puns are discharging all over the place.
<Jessica> Really?
<Agg> what are you, anode?
* BTC chases the puns all over the place
<BTC> whoop whoop whoop
<sabretooth> Agg, it was induced out of me.
<aftahours> agg can't resist.
<Asteroid> well that sure sent the conversation flat
<Ashley> IRC: Outlet for insanity.
<sabretooth> I nearly diode.
<aftahours> lol
<TheWedgie> hahahaha
<Agg> it's ok, i've nearly discharged my capacity.
<Asteroid> ooh, resistance
<Turophile> IRC: Outlet of my insanity, inlet of others.
* aftahours steals agg's pot
<sabretooth> Hey I used discharge!
<Jin-Jah> nice triode at a final attempt there
<sabretooth> I'll have to pop a cap in yo ass.
<Asteroid> ooh subtly afta :)
<Agg> i blame Jessica. she LED us all astray.
<V8R[hm]> heh
<Jessica> alrighty
<Bern> YOU lot are revolting
<Asteroid> just cause Agg'solder than us!
<sabretooth> Clearly, she could have short circuited the whole thing and passed this whole mess
<thetron> Bern: Sorry mr sexy pants
<aftahours> <Asteroid> just cause Agg'solder than us! <-- lmao
<sabretooth> Bern: thetron wasn't energised by your pun, clearly.
<TheWedgie> you two sure are generating a lot of puns...
<Agg> we're all a bit excited.
<V8R[hm]> man, you guys are on fire.. my side hertz from the lol
* Shaun rocks out to AC/DC
<Shadey> lol
<Bern> sabretooth: his reply has left me flat
<Asteroid> i used that one
<BradR|Lap> heh
* V8R[hm] gives Bern a wave
* thetron wonders where the world is i386 camera 1 is now
<Agg> and i don't mean to be negative.. but i've got to go to the bank and repay what cathode.
* Asteroid sines out
* Agg bows out
* sabretooth sines a few autographs.
<Asteroid> stop being such squares
<Agg> don't be so inverse.
<BradR|Lap> heh
<V8R[hm]> this is looking terminal
<Cypher`> how far away is the bank as the CRO flys?
<V8R[hm]> lol
<Asteroid> i could cut the tension in here with a sawtooth
<Jin-Jah> hahaha
<BTC> The name is Baud......, James Baud...
<sabretooth> Agg, I don't like your conduct.
<V8R[hm]> try Asteroid, much HT in here
<BradR|Lap> some people are showing really odd sines in here
<BradR|Lap> im worried
<Agg> sabretooth - i'm not here to shroud you from interference.
<BradR|Lap> resistance is futile!
* Asteroid equips RF sheilding
<sabretooth> Agg, but I'll only be here faraday.
* Asteroid transforms
<BTC> Disinformation is not as good as datinformation
<Agg> sabretooth - put it away, fermi.
<Shadey> HAHA
<V8R[hm]> all your base, Asteroid...
<Asteroid> what you say?
<sabretooth> I'm feeling pretty polarised by the whole thing.
* Asteroid PICs up his socks
* Bern calls the coppers
<kelwyn> quit while youre still ahead, sunshine
<sabretooth> Bern: maybe they can amp it up a bit
<Turophile> I'll awp you.
<Bern> I'm sure they can trace the source of the breakout sabretooth
<sabretooth> Damn, I think I'm punned out.
<Shadey> haha
<TheWedgie> suffered a pun blackout sabretooth?
<falkor> sabretooth, i find that impossible to believe
<kelwyn> sabretooth, i told you to quit while you were ahead
<sabretooth> The whole thing's been rather electrifying.
<Bern> if you meditate you can recharge your pun bank
<Turophile> Asteroid: Difuse?
<Turophile> Asteroid: I'll Hue/Saturate you in a minute =
<Bern> follow after me... Ohmmmm, Ohmmm
<sabretooth> I'm quite fluxed.
<Bern> Solder on sabretooth, solder on
<sabretooth> That was used :p
<sabretooth> You shouldn't oscillate around the same words.
<kelwyn> sabretooth stop
<sabretooth> The way you flyback to the same old words just doesn't work!
<kelwyn> you;re getting painful to watch
<sabretooth> Gah!
<sabretooth> But the frequency of the puns is increasing!
<kelwyn> sabz, dont be that guy.
<sabretooth> hEMF. Okay, I'll stop.
* kelwyn stabs sabre

Quote #178 (+19) [ 2002-12-19, 02:18 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Rage> theres jewls or something under the orphanage or something?
<Rage> iirc
<Falkor> yeah.
<Fragwizard> yer
<Falkor> some weird story line. who thinks up this stuff?
<GoofyDenMk> americans..
<Rage> lol, nice one
<Falkor> lol
<Eses> i read that as
<Eses> there's jews or something under the orphanage
<Eses> and i thought that'd be fucking right

Quote #1844 (+19) [ 2004-04-16, 21:35 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Vassili> god dang. What makes a pc not boot, i reset, not boot, i reset, then boot?
<Vassili> by not boot i mean nothing on screen
<Vassili> hmmm
<sniperA64> ID 10 T error
<Fred_Nurk> the gerbil in the CPU went to sleep
<Vassili> ID 10 T?
<DJStudd> Yes, the annoying ID 10 T error :S
<sniperA64> write it down
<DJStudd> It's bloody hard to fix, too
<Vassili> what IS it though? how is it caused?
<sniperA64> actually its quite easy
<sniperA64> bullets do wonders
<Nick> hate that error
<Nick> get heaps of them working at uni :/
<Vassili> ...anyone going to tell me what causes it?
<Vassili> what it does?
<DJStudd> Causes all sorts of errors on the PC
<DJStudd> Caused by numerous things, also
<Fred_Nurk> it can kill the gerbil in the CPU too
<Vassili> that sounds about right. It gave me a "Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your pc" message
<Fred_Nurk> not to mention the family of wombles in the PSU
<Vassili> so i formatted
<Vassili> didnt help
<sniperA64> ID10T
<Vassili> and sometimes it gets into windows, then screen goes black
<Vassili> it was all fine until i had a lan. And no virus, i checked a few times, latest defs
<DJStudd> quotes.ugbox it goes...
<Vassili> is anyone going to actually help me yet?

Quote #1854 (+19) [ 2004-04-18, 19:08 ] [ + | - | X ]

<yale|book> *finds funny article*
<yale|book> "hey mum, come check this out!"
<yale|book> *clicks on wrong page, gets a stupid pr0n popup from a torrent site*
<yale|book> "anal parade, that's nice james"
<yale|book> *goes red*

Quote #2114 (+19) [ 2004-07-06, 20:39 ] [ + | - | X ]

<WMinstrel> God, my sister has her friends over.
<WMinstrel> Jesus, they're so fucking noisy.
<Bundy> gun?
<WMinstrel> Ran outta ammo.
<blur> duct tape.
<WMinstrel> And duct tape.
<predder> condoms..
<WMinstrel> ...
<blur> ..

Quote #220 (+18) [ 2003-01-01, 03:44 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Syxx`> my local fish and chip shop is open
<Agg> some food places will be.. coz mums/wives are on holidays too and people need food :)
<Agg> (erm, I didn't mean that to come across quite as sexist as it did :) )

Quote #1929 (+18) [ 2004-05-06, 23:27 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Agg-> i'd like to see a reality show where all the people who made all the other reality shows are placed in a large rocket which is fired into the sun

Quote #2490 (+18) [ 2005-01-12, 20:54 ] [ + | - | X ]

* Joins: TheWedgie
<TheWedgie> bitches
<Crudmuffin> slut
<TheWedgie> tart
<knowsfords> oh be nice
* TheWedgie slaps knowsfords with his keyboard.
* knowsfords spits the S-T-F-U keys back at TheWedgie

Quote #3289 (+18) [ 2006-03-22, 23:00 ] [ + | - | X ]

<mazza[W]> you know those randoms on austnet that just start msging you and try to chat you up?
<mazza[W]> well i have one owned
<mazza[W]> i'm emma, i'm 19, blonde and 6ft. and i work at 7-11 in flinders st (corner elizabeth) in melb
<mazza[W]> and i'm meeting this guy called adam
<mazza[W]> he's 25 and lives in swanson st at latrobe
<mazza[W]> he's walking down to meet me right now outside 7-11
<mazza[W]> because i just knocked off work
<mazza[W]> and we're walking up to the flinders station hotel
<mazza[W]> for coffee
<mazza[W]> and to put the icing on the cake
<mazza[W]> i just called the 7-11
<mazza[W]> and told the owner that if a guy caled adam comes looking for emma, he got owned
<mazza[W]> the owner laughed and said sure
<mazza[W]> meanwhile
<mazza[W]> i'm up here, 150km from melb
<mazza[W]> the 7-11 just called me back
<mazza[W]> 'adam' came in and asked for 'emma'
<mazza[W]> and when the owner told him he got owned
<mazza[W]> he threw a tantrum
<mazza[W]> and fired off a whole bunch of remarks
<mazza[W]> and walked off yelling down the street

Quote #37 (+17) [ 2002-10-28, 06:41 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Agg> why is it, I wonder, that you get a bunch of geeks in a room and within minutes they are calling each other homosexual and/or making faux-gay gestures/comments about each other? it's bizarre. (you bunch of fags)

Quote #431 (+17) [ 2003-03-29, 23:06 ] [ + | - | X ]

<dljunior> i just got motoracer 3 from a nutrigrain pak
<dljunior> hey, i just tried to install it, and it says i need a serial
<Fodder> didn't it come with cereal?

Quote #586 (+17) [ 2003-05-22, 18:41 ] [ + | - | X ]

<mort-> i really need to clean my kb...its actually quite disgusting
<Squigy> mort-, i know the feeling, espically when your K/B squeltches when you hit keys :P
<mort-> :P
<FreeFrag> :o
<mort-> mine doesnt squelch...what have you been doing over yours? :P
<Squigy> nothing....

Quote #672 (+17) [ 2003-06-15, 23:10 ] [ + | - | X ]

<FenrisOlf> couple of days at least. how long until rigor mortis sets in?
<FenrisOlf> oh goddamnit.
<FenrisOlf> wrong window.
<Vindictive> lol
<Vindictive> Wondering how long a body will stay fresh FenrisOlf?
<FenrisOlf> more floppy really.

Quote #868 (+17) [ 2003-08-10, 19:02 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Freaek> I'm so hungry I could eat the front wheel off a menstrual cycle

Quote #2431 (+17) [ 2004-12-14, 23:59 ] [ + | - | X ]

* Agg sets mode: +b *!*@
* HyperHorse was kicked by Agg (no, so bye)
<HyperHorse> what is ur problem?
<Agg> bit of a rash on one of my feet at the moment, actually.. i think i stood on a thistle when playing with the dogs this morning.
<HyperHorse> ....
<HyperHorse> i hardly said anything
<Agg> i know, i shoulda worn shoes, silly me.
<HyperHorse> why ban me?
<HyperHorse> *stare*
<Agg> the problem is, you can't even see the thistles sometimes, they're not all the big ones like on the scottish coat of arms, you know.
<HyperHorse> yes yes.. sure
<Agg> some of them are flat and blend into the lawn. sneaky bastards.
<HyperHorse> what drugs r u on?

Quote #2520 (+17) [ 2005-01-21, 14:54 ] [ + | - | X ]

[ David ] Slipknot concert in 3days 4hrs 37mins 29secs
[ David ] woot
! +Fragwizard has 5wks 3days until he is 19. :)
[ Ashley ] Heh.
[ David ] I am 19.606152 years old. It's my birthday in 20wks 3days 9hrs 5mins 29secs
! Ashley has 1 minutes 32 seconds until he gets up and has a drink of water.
[ +Fragwizard ] lol
[ David ] hahaahahaha

Quote #2479 (+17) [ 2005-01-09, 13:04 ] [ + | - | X ]

* Joins: Fod
<knowsfords> and thats how Fod joined #ugbox
<knowsfords> the end.
<Fod> oh i love this story

Quote #3062 (+17) [ 2005-11-02, 02:03 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Jessica> hey
<Jessica> guys
<Jessica> do you think i'd make a good corporate whore?
<Skitzo> tmi?
<Jessica> you idiot.
<NotPeanut> i could see you sleeping with a whole small business at the same time.. but a corporation...
<Jessica> as in
<Jessica> working for a corporation.
<Jessica> such as telstra..
<NotPeanut> that's probably asking a bit much
<Skitzo> As a whore?
<Skitzo> I think you'd be fine

Quote #3124 (+17) [ 2005-12-06, 21:17 ] [ + | - | X ]

<FreeFrag> How on earth do I disable this spawn of fucking satan bullshit called the office clipboard - I want to COPY and then PASTE - I dont want this shit to think for itself and remember by last 73 fucking copies then paste the wrong fucking thing JESUS CHRIST MICROSOFT JUST MAKE IT EASY
<BBQ_69> FreeFrag, it looks like your writing a letter..

Quote #3217 (+17) [ 2006-01-22, 23:11 ] [ + | - | X ]

<_12ftEskim> i also want to see a musical rendition of the Alien franchise, but sadly it's yet to be made
<Agg> i can imagine an opera.. "it's in your chest.. it's on your face.. it's in the dog.. in outer space.."

Quote #3402 (+17) [ 2006-06-11, 23:45 ] [ + | - | X ]

<thetron> Honda is to "isn't it nice of things that just work" , As to Jensen button "My cars on fire"
<TheWedgie> thetron, you are to english what Ivan Milat was to backpacking.

Quote #78 (+16) [ 2002-11-17, 03:55 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Jester> you know eating toast upside down accually makes it taste kinda different
<knowsfords> Jester: I have noticed that too.
<knowsfords> now we can get a government research grant to find out why

Quote #641 (+16) [ 2003-06-09, 02:04 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Darmok> years ago, I had an old pc lock up on me..
<Darmok> a 386 or something
<Darmok> I was about to hit ctrl-alt-del
<Darmok> when at the dos prompt.. letters started appearing
<Darmok> h
<Darmok> e
<Darmok> l
<Darmok> l
<Darmok> o
* Darkness sets mode: +b *!*
* Darmok was kicked by Darkness (Sierra Tango Foxtrot Uniform! - (Temp Ban/Ignored for 1 Hour :: Kick 195)
<Foos> ahaha
<Lombers> heh
<Rage> heh
<MadHatter> lol
<Foos> he will be impressed.
<Darkness> Oh, was he explaining something?

Quote #1300 (+16) [ 2003-11-11, 01:04 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Agg> about half a block of chocolate makes me feel ill.. i haven't found the quantity of sex that makes me feel ill, but i'm working on it..
<Matex> Agg, 4 times a day makes your penis sore
<Agg> try it with a woman next time, Matex

Quote #1410 (+16) [ 2003-12-03, 18:39 ] [ + | - | X ]

* HunterSD sets mode: -dickhead
* HunterSD was kicked by Squigy (-Dickhead Activated)

Quote #1488 (+16) [ 2004-01-07, 23:22 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Enfilade> woah, I just did a fart that totally warmed my pants
<Enfilade> Ooops, wasn't a fart
<Enfilade> bbs

Quote #1807 (+16) [ 2004-04-06, 22:16 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Freaek> I'm willing to admit that I may not always be right, but I am never wrong.

Quote #189 (+15) [ 2002-12-21, 08:24 ] [ + | - | X ]

*** LoneWolf_ changed topic to '<Cav> completed :) * Cav opens it <Cav> MAN PORN! <Cav> fuck you both, im watchign it'

Quote #653 (+15) [ 2003-06-11, 04:23 ] [ + | - | X ]

(FenrisOlf): Your Personal Day of Death is...
(FenrisOlf): Saturday, January 12, 2019
(FenrisOlf): fuck you deathclock.
(Darkness): lol

Quote #657 (+15) [ 2003-06-11, 23:59 ] [ + | - | X ]

<RoSWeLL> weird name Lady^Lettuce howd u come up with it ?
<Lady^Lettuce> well i used to work at kfc when i was younger and coz we got so bored all the time, we used to be silly and name each other after the food there..i was lady lettuce, some of my friends were betty bacon, ziggy zinger etc (crappy i know, but we were bored!!)
<RoSWeLL> lol u must live a interesting life now .. do u still know betty bacon ?
<Lady^Lettuce> haha yeh
<Lady^Lettuce> i work at maccas now (only part time) but havn't come up with any names!
<Lady^Lettuce> :P
<Lady^Lettuce> betty bacon turned out to be a lesbian
<Phix> betty didn't like the meat
<Xochi> she went the fillet o fish eh?

Quote #826 (+15) [ 2003-07-29, 22:06 ] [ + | - | X ]

<DrillSGT> Nice to see everyone complaining when I am in the chanell .......
<Fodder> drillsgt sucks.
<DrillSGT> thanks Fodder :P
<Lurks> Fodder swallows
<Fodder> anytime
<Fodder> damnit

Quote #1009 (+15) [ 2003-09-07, 22:05 ] [ + | - | X ]

<knowfords> anyone know of one of those puzzle sites that "workout" your brain
<@Frag|Shwr> Navigate through it.

Quote #1422 (+15) [ 2003-12-07, 13:13 ] [ + | - | X ]

<brembo`> how ya bike going FF ?
<FreeFrag> ass gets sore though :p
<brembo`> use the seat

Quote #2358 (+15) [ 2004-10-22, 23:21 ] [ + | - | X ]

<aftahours> my poor ol taxi copped a bashing this morning
<aftahours> stupid girl ran up my arse
<INerTIal> ouch
<INerTIal> bad?
<aftahours> not really. the taxi is all scratched and dinted anyway
<aftahours> she was pretty good lookin, and i got her number
<aftahours> so it was worth it
<aftahours> now its my turn to take her up the arse
<aftahours> :)

Quote #2514 (+15) [ 2005-01-18, 01:26 ] [ + | - | X ]

<predder> family guy was $50 for season one and two
<Sancho> nice
<Sancho> i want all the futurama ones...
<predder> same, that's a couple of hundred though
<predder> I have a wish list sitting next to my monitor
<predder> *crosses off dual p3 server*
<predder> car service - $300, car detail - $100, Seat covors for car - $80, clothes - $200, computer case - $250, sub for car - $120, LOTR ROTK boxed thingy - $120, 512mb registered sdram - $100, 74gb raptor - $280, 1gb bh5 - $400, Futurama - $250.
<predder> it's right down the bottom ;)
<Draffa_> girlfriend - priceless

Quote #2878 (+15) [ 2005-07-13, 23:30 ] [ + | - | X ]

<ace234> nuclear demolitions device
<Agg> as opposed to what, nuclear putting-things-back-together device?

Quote #4012 (+15) [ 2007-01-17, 19:37 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Nozz> Holly barely cries or causes us any grief at all
<Nozz> I think the baby manufacturers were just going easy on us the first time or something
<Freaek> sweet
<Freaek> if someone ever hoodwinks me into having kids, can I get the configs from you?
<Freaek> just tarball them onto ugbox or something
<Nozz> sorry dude, they're proprietry :p
<Nozz> I destroyed the source after I compiled it
<Freaek> aww come on maaan
<Freaek> software wants to be free
<Freaek> maybe I can reverse engineer it
<Nozz> I'd prefer if you didn't

Quote #214 (+14) [ 2002-12-29, 10:51 ] [ + | - | X ]

<K|dDO> you only have auto-rejoin if your a dickhead to get kicked...
*** K|dDO was kicked by Darkness (Let's see if you have it. :)- (Kick : 167)
*** K|dDO (sarge@...) has joined #overclockers
<Chemix> lol
<Malbert> lol
* Darkness rests his case.
<Moose22> lol
* dspring|tv ditto's Darkness
<DrillSGT> lol

Quote #9 (+14) [ 2002-10-21, 06:35 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Rage-sifnt> ffs, i have a WHOLE cow stuck in my braces
<othy> Rage-sifnt, i can think of worse places to have a whole cow stuck
<knowsfords> othy: in a barn?

Quote #33 (+14) [ 2002-10-27, 11:40 ] [ + | - | X ]

<DF> Does anybody here live in a dorm ? That would be so cool living right near your mates 24/7
<Cav> i boarded for year 12
<Cav> it was interesting but a pain in the arse
<Cav> err
<Cav> i better change that reply :)

Quote #582 (+14) [ 2003-05-21, 18:59 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Antihero> Man.
<Antihero> My sister is insane.
<Antihero> "What's your internet account name and password?"
<Antihero> I go "Why?"
<Antihero> And she goes "I'm going to cancel it."
<Antihero> I'm like "What the fuck?"
<Antihero> Then she calls my step dad and he starts telling me off.
<Antihero> My family is insane.
<Antihero> I go "What the hell are you on about?"
<Antihero> And he goes "I don't know."
<Monkfights> Hahahahah!
<Monkfights> Gold. Pure gold.

Quote #619 (+14) [ 2003-06-03, 18:39 ] [ + | - | X ]

<whoop> what does a long single beep that just repeats mean?
<@Firemoth> whoop, someone's going to back over you.
<whoop> fuck up dickhead
* whoop ( Quit (gremlins)

Quote #889 (+14) [ 2003-08-13, 01:17 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Nza|ZzZ|> review some viagra
<Agg> too hard
<Agg> (boom tish)

Quote #892 (+14) [ 2003-08-13, 18:55 ] [ + | - | X ]

<dicey> someone needs to invent a heater that follows you around
<RoSWeLL> dicey its called a fat bitch stuck to your hip
<dicey> roswell, that wouldn't be too pleasant.. plus i don't need a fat bitch because i am one
<RoSWeLL> hard luck dicey become a lesbian and get a fat bitch ?
<dicey> ros, tried that... but fat bitches aren't all that kissable
<RoSWeLL> but all you need is a heater
<RoSWeLL> fat bitch is as good as any heater

Quote #1082 (+14) [ 2003-10-06, 05:11 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Agg> ls -la
<Agg> ..and this isn't my ssh window

Quote #1218 (+14) [ 2003-10-25, 18:51 ] [ + | - | X ]

(aftahours) Heh, don't ever try making your password for hotmail 'penis' it says it's not long enough :(