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Quote #1175 (+5) [ 2003-10-20, 02:28 ] [ + | - | X ]

(tensop): its pretty bad when you're porn surfing and you come across a pic with a computer in the background and you look at the comp first...

Quote #2381 (+2) [ 2004-11-11, 21:33 ] [ + | - | X ]

* phextwin is now known as confused
* Statts is now known as bewildered
<confused> Together, we are bewildered & confused!
<bewildered> flabergasted wouldnt fit :(

Quote #1011 (+12) [ 2003-09-07, 22:46 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Cav> Immo_G: what would male/tentacle sex count as? :P
<Immo_G> i dunno Cav, my collection of it is labelled in Japanese

Quote #143 (+5) [ 2002-12-06, 01:29 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Draffa> :)
<Quadbox> :)
<Cav> :0
<Cav> oops
<Cav> :)

Quote #425 (+4) [ 2003-03-26, 23:02 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Enfilade> How old was your sister?
<Melchior> 19
<Melchior> she moved out
<Melchior> and was threating us
<@LoneWolf_> wanna say hello to her Melchior? *nudges bitch in ribs* :P
<Melchior> rofl
<Melchior> not really
<Melchior> i had to mow her lawn
<Melchior> it was 1m high and its huge
<@LoneWolf_> couldn't she just wax?

Quote #807 (+84) [ 2003-07-21, 20:20 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Redback> FreeFrag: you could go wardriving :P
<FreeFrag> Redback, yeah, I've got Nutstumbler running :)
<FreeFrag> *NETSTUMBLER :o

Quote #1686 (+7) [ 2004-02-24, 15:56 ] [ + | - | X ]

<SUPAMODEL> hrrm... I should get musical airhorns for the new pootah
<SUPAMODEL> they'd be awesome
<SUPAMODEL> put this big fuckoff missile style switch on the front: "DO NOT PRESS ME"
<SUPAMODEL> go to a lan
<SUPAMODEL> go off to the toilet
<echelon> watch from a distance
<echelon> 'hrm... whats this button do...'
<SUPAMODEL> wait for some dumb fuck to lift toggle, hit switch & shit themselves

Quote #1884 (+1) [ 2004-04-28, 00:34 ] [ + | - | X ]

<@Agg> this drink is the same colour as the NVIDIA promo bag and the slots on my DFI mobo.. that can't be good
<Jayci> what are u drinknig Agg?
<Jayci> drinking*
<predder> nuclear waste evidently
<nwatts> hah
<bartobook> does anyone else here go to the ANU?
<nwatts> he's drinking UV die again
<@Agg> berri cordial.. supposedly 40% fruit juice.. but it's orange flavour, and simpsons-nuclear-material green in colour
<Jayci> eewwww

Quote #2415 (+2) [ 2004-12-07, 23:55 ] [ + | - | X ]

<dec> hi Sciby
<dec> you sexy beast
<Sciby> Yes, I am. get off me.
<Norgs_> pfft
<Norgs_> you wish
<dec> no.
<dec> never!
<dec> i'll be on you til the day you die!
<dec> um
<dec> that didn't sound too good

Quote #3005 (+12) [ 2005-09-26, 17:57 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Freaek> there was just a story on the news that some crazy amount of kids in western sydney are living below the poverty line and it's growing at some alarming rate...
<eDust> is that the "fat epedimic" spreading rampantly again?
<eDust> keep your children at home, they'll catch obesity if you let them go to school
<Erve> lol
<wild> ROFL
<Strange1> I cause Beastiality at school once :(
<wild> caused? lol
<Strange1> um.. eek
<wild> haahaha

Quote #1853 (+6) [ 2004-04-17, 22:03 ] [ + | - | X ]

<FreeFrag> * Nozzette is now known as Nozz <--another sex change funded by medicare >:-(
<Falkor> i NEED IT

Quote #3381 (+5) [ 2006-05-26, 16:42 ] [ + | - | X ]

< Enfilade> heh, i just did a poo that had an apple sticker on it
< Enfilade> I must've eaten it by accident

Quote #2104 (+7) [ 2004-07-03, 23:25 ] [ + | - | X ]

(Mothman): Which sex is the geekiest - how many guys are there compared to girls?
(synik): Are you retarded? It'll be 90% blokes, 10% chicks, and some wise ass like Mitch choosing the Miriam option.

Quote #2329 (+1) [ 2004-10-13, 23:23 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Hibba> irc needs spell chech
<Hibba> check*

Quote #3612 (+19) [ 2006-10-23, 22:52 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Jessica> Agg: I only just saw your "ohmly" pun, and fuck you. I groaned.
<Agg> Jessica - pfft, you've got to stay more current than that.
<Jessica> OH GOD
<Agg> watt?
<aftahours> lol
<sabretooth> I'm here, I'm here
<Jessica> I'm vomiting groans all over the place.
<Agg> my work here is done.
<Agg> (potentially)
* thetron gives Agg a medal
<Jessica> Agg: One of my friends has the following to say
<Jessica> "I laughed really hard at the "watt". That was shockingly good."
<Jessica> me: "SHUT UP"
<Agg> hehe
<Jessica> him: "Sorry, I didn't mean to jolt you like that "
<Agg> tell him to stop arcing on about it.
<Jessica> Me too. People think I'm so down to earth, then bam. Puns.
<TheWedgie> bit of a humour brownout there Agg.
<sabretooth> Oh no.
<Jessica> People think I'm so down to earth, then bam. Puns.
<Jessica> ..yeah.
<Agg> yes, i had an alternate, but i decided to be more direct.
<Jessica> you two need to get a fucking room.
<sabretooth> Everyone, LOOK AWAY
<Jessica> "I'll be generating these things for a while"
<TheWedgie> i guess you could really socket to em though.
* Agg averts his gaze
<Jin-Jah> Agg you're a shocker
<sabretooth> The pun-o-meter's going off the scale
<Jessica> "He oughta be charged for that one"
<sabretooth> Ohh, very good. But GROAN.
<Jessica> "I mean, it had a lot of potential"
<TheWedgie> Jessica - still plugging away eh..
<sabretooth> Agg, she's starting to outpun you.
<Turophile> :)
<Agg> hey, i already used potential! you've blown it, buddy!
<sabretooth> The puns are discharging all over the place.
<Jessica> Really?
<Agg> what are you, anode?
* BTC chases the puns all over the place
<BTC> whoop whoop whoop
<sabretooth> Agg, it was induced out of me.
<aftahours> agg can't resist.
<Asteroid> well that sure sent the conversation flat
<Ashley> IRC: Outlet for insanity.
<sabretooth> I nearly diode.
<aftahours> lol
<TheWedgie> hahahaha
<Agg> it's ok, i've nearly discharged my capacity.
<Asteroid> ooh, resistance
<Turophile> IRC: Outlet of my insanity, inlet of others.
* aftahours steals agg's pot
<sabretooth> Hey I used discharge!
<Jin-Jah> nice triode at a final attempt there
<sabretooth> I'll have to pop a cap in yo ass.
<Asteroid> ooh subtly afta :)
<Agg> i blame Jessica. she LED us all astray.
<V8R[hm]> heh
<Jessica> alrighty
<Bern> YOU lot are revolting
<Asteroid> just cause Agg'solder than us!
<sabretooth> Clearly, she could have short circuited the whole thing and passed this whole mess
<thetron> Bern: Sorry mr sexy pants
<aftahours> <Asteroid> just cause Agg'solder than us! <-- lmao
<sabretooth> Bern: thetron wasn't energised by your pun, clearly.
<TheWedgie> you two sure are generating a lot of puns...
<Agg> we're all a bit excited.
<V8R[hm]> man, you guys are on fire.. my side hertz from the lol
* Shaun rocks out to AC/DC
<Shadey> lol
<Bern> sabretooth: his reply has left me flat
<Asteroid> i used that one
<BradR|Lap> heh
* V8R[hm] gives Bern a wave
* thetron wonders where the world is i386 camera 1 is now
<Agg> and i don't mean to be negative.. but i've got to go to the bank and repay what cathode.
* Asteroid sines out
* Agg bows out
* sabretooth sines a few autographs.
<Asteroid> stop being such squares
<Agg> don't be so inverse.
<BradR|Lap> heh
<V8R[hm]> this is looking terminal
<Cypher`> how far away is the bank as the CRO flys?
<V8R[hm]> lol
<Asteroid> i could cut the tension in here with a sawtooth
<Jin-Jah> hahaha
<BTC> The name is Baud......, James Baud...
<sabretooth> Agg, I don't like your conduct.
<V8R[hm]> try Asteroid, much HT in here
<BradR|Lap> some people are showing really odd sines in here
<BradR|Lap> im worried
<Agg> sabretooth - i'm not here to shroud you from interference.
<BradR|Lap> resistance is futile!
* Asteroid equips RF sheilding
<sabretooth> Agg, but I'll only be here faraday.
* Asteroid transforms
<BTC> Disinformation is not as good as datinformation
<Agg> sabretooth - put it away, fermi.
<Shadey> HAHA
<V8R[hm]> all your base, Asteroid...
<Asteroid> what you say?
<sabretooth> I'm feeling pretty polarised by the whole thing.
* Asteroid PICs up his socks
* Bern calls the coppers
<kelwyn> quit while youre still ahead, sunshine
<sabretooth> Bern: maybe they can amp it up a bit
<Turophile> I'll awp you.
<Bern> I'm sure they can trace the source of the breakout sabretooth
<sabretooth> Damn, I think I'm punned out.
<Shadey> haha
<TheWedgie> suffered a pun blackout sabretooth?
<falkor> sabretooth, i find that impossible to believe
<kelwyn> sabretooth, i told you to quit while you were ahead
<sabretooth> The whole thing's been rather electrifying.
<Bern> if you meditate you can recharge your pun bank
<Turophile> Asteroid: Difuse?
<Turophile> Asteroid: I'll Hue/Saturate you in a minute =
<Bern> follow after me... Ohmmmm, Ohmmm
<sabretooth> I'm quite fluxed.
<Bern> Solder on sabretooth, solder on
<sabretooth> That was used :p
<sabretooth> You shouldn't oscillate around the same words.
<kelwyn> sabretooth stop
<sabretooth> The way you flyback to the same old words just doesn't work!
<kelwyn> you;re getting painful to watch
<sabretooth> Gah!
<sabretooth> But the frequency of the puns is increasing!
<kelwyn> sabz, dont be that guy.
<sabretooth> hEMF. Okay, I'll stop.
* kelwyn stabs sabre

Quote #589 (+1) [ 2003-05-23, 11:32 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Rik_> now I have my gf's ebay login, I can impulse buy as much as I want :s

Quote #1534 (+4) [ 2004-01-18, 23:08 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Agg> sciby's a master at playing with himself
<Agg> errm, sabretooth.
<sabretooth> Yeah... back in your box

Quote #3630 (+2) [ 2006-11-17, 23:52 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Shaun> Kingy, I'll put our 60incher in the shitter, you can bet you'll be bitching it's too big :P

Quote #3151 (+8) [ 2005-12-20, 17:12 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Daltasaur> my nipple is inverted, i need ice to make it come out and play :\

Quote #1694 (+4) [ 2004-02-26, 16:38 ] [ + | - | X ]

(afromonster06) i need a blow job any takers?
Thrill puts hand up ;)
afromonster06 looks for any but thrill
(afromonster06)Thrill it looks like u r the winna
Thrill says It's true what they tell me afromonster06. You can take the man out of the farm but you cant take the farm out of the man!!!! Now get off that sheep afromonster06
afromonster06 is not from new zealand
afromonster06 grabs a kangaroo and does it aussie style

Quote #884 (+4) [ 2003-08-12, 10:51 ] [ + | - | X ]

<NozzUni> breaky?
<Erve> the most important meal of the day
<echelon> until lunchtime that is

Quote #2247 (+4) [ 2004-08-17, 17:40 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Fod> i need to put my wallet through the wash i think
<Fod> you could say i'd be ... laundering my money
<knowsfords> that was so bad I think you gave me cancer.
<Fod> :D
<Fod> seriously though, it stinks
<knowsfords> like your joke

Quote #3286 (+10) [ 2006-03-20, 21:52 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Tzortst> HarlyQuinn is that you?
<Fred_Nurk> you'd hope not
<Fred_Nurk> that'd be a chew your arm off I reckon
<HarlyQuinn> gee thanks
<Hunter> real harsh
<HarlyQuinn> yes that is go fuck yourself
<Sniper4900> <HarlyQuinn> yes that is go fuck yourself<<would be better off
<Sniper4900> :)

Quote #1851 (+10) [ 2004-04-17, 16:20 ] [ + | - | X ]

<BenZ|WiFi> Oh fuck
<BenZ|WiFi> we chucked a tommo
<BenZ|WiFi> CD Player + Wireless and now im stuck out the front of someones house on wireless.
<WMinstrel> BenZ, suck it.
<WMinstrel> BenZ, net send the people inside for help.
<V8R[2400]> hmm, i cant spot the problem, BenZ|WiFi
<WMinstrel> "Hello? I'm outside stealing bandwidth, can you help me?"

Quote #1887 (+3) [ 2004-04-28, 01:15 ] [ + | - | X ]

<nw|work> have a good night all
<bartobook> for real this time?
--- sniperA64 sets ban on *!*
<sniperA64> for real this time

Quote #1538 (+8) [ 2004-01-20, 15:38 ] [ + | - | X ]

<biatch> for some stupid stupid reason... i read "dremel" as "strap-on"

Quote #2048 (+7) [ 2004-06-08, 20:27 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Rage> how does one withdraw $10k cash?
<Rage> take a breifcase up to the bank?
<Erve> ask for a bank cheque?
<Falkor> or get a bank cheque
<Crudmuffin> yeah, bank cheque
<Erve> maybe a bank cheque?
<Rage> perhaps a bank cheque...
<Rik> I'd say bank cheque
<Fod> i was thinking you could try a bank cheque
<Fod> that's just my opinion though
<Erve> Survey says
<Erve> bank cheque
<FreeFrag> I might ask for my loan in cash.
<Fod> oh try and be at least a little original freefrag

Quote #1118 (+4) [ 2003-10-12, 19:36 ] [ + | - | X ]

<G-banger> im interested, how do u become a moderator on OCAU??
<tron|ZzZ> G-banger: Firstly, You must denie all cliams that you have illegal software. If asked
<FreeFrag> sabretooth, do you have any pirate software? (Prove tron wrong)
<sabretooth> (19:34:11) <FreeFrag> sabretooth, do you have any pirate software? (Prove tron wrong) <-- I have pirate software. Arr mateys.
<yaleman> FreeFrag: leave thetron's ass out of this, please!
<Gibbon> there should be some "Tron's Magic Arse" coffee mugs in the OCAU merchandise. I'd buy one.
<fr0st> Gibbon - why is it that you don't have a problem drinking from "Tron's magic arse"?
<yaleman> Gibbon: you want to drink from thetron's magic ass?

Quote #2500 (+11) [ 2005-01-15, 22:02 ] [ + | - | X ]

MadHatter: she really is yuk.
MadHatter: well, i surpose she is ok in the looks, but the way she acts, talks and dresses...... belongs in the street doing tricks for spare change
Jessica: lol
Jessica: Tricks like what?
Jessica: Disappearing clothes tricks and stuff?
Fragwizard i like those tricks

Quote #3995 (+3) [ 2007-01-02, 00:38 ] [ + | - | X ]

<LemMinG> irony: riding home at midnight listening to midnight oil and slipping on a patch of oil
* scycle has joined #overclockers
<brodsta> lol
<brodsta> Happen just now to you LemMinG?
<The_Wookie> lol
<LemMinG> yup
<LemMinG> didn't hurt myself
<brodsta> A patch of oil...odd
<LemMinG> but looks like some fucker lost his all his oil on the road home
<brodsta> lol
<The_Wookie> could be could have fallen asleep listening to 'beds are burning' and woken up with your room on fire

Quote #1938 (+37) [ 2004-05-08, 21:08 ] [ + | - | X ]

(aftahours) mmm Sunkist tastes better out of a can. :]
(PsychoMatt) some research shows that aluminium can cause alzheimers in later life
(aftahours) i dont eat the can.

Quote #381 (+11) [ 2003-03-06, 17:41 ] [ + | - | X ]

* thetron pats bh
(bh): thetron right now im too involved in trying to figure this out to pretend I can understand or care what you say
(thetron): pat (p~at): to touch, someone or something softly
(Darkness): The definition of irony. Tron looking words up for someone else in the dictionary...

Quote #1128 (+6) [ 2003-10-13, 22:13 ] [ + | - | X ]

<FreeFrag> <---*chuckle* Have a guess at what it is before you open it. I know it certianly wasn't what I was expecting.
<afta[DVD]> lol bh..
<biatch> How rood.
<FreeFrag> oh, hello biatch :)
<Quadbox> FreeFrag: Can you please provide couselling, for conditions arising from seeing that image? :p
* Poo[hw] feels optic nerve burning
<Daemon> what the?!
<Poo[hw]> MY EYES
<FreeFrag> Quadbox, /pm biatch
* Reaver huddles in corner muttering "kill me now..."
<Snufkin`> omg
<Daemon> FreeFrag: what the hell is that!
<Snufkin`> mine eyes
<FreeFrag> Now guys, keeping in mind the last link, what do you think this is?
<Snufkin`> FreeFrag made the baby Snufkin` cry :`(
<RoCaErIx_> FreeFrag ROFL
<Poo[hw]> FreeFrag: LOL what a champion
<Reaver> goddammit FreeFrag you're pulling out all the stops

Quote #4130 (+5) [ 2007-05-28, 14:09 ] [ + | - | X ]

<freaek> oh dang
<freaek> hot chilli for lunch
<freaek> CHILLIHIGH!
* echelon_ breaks out the hazmat suits
* eDust forewarns the hospital
* TheWedgie forewarns the cleaners

Quote #3626 (+8) [ 2006-11-10, 17:33 ] [ + | - | X ]

* afta|z was kicked by afta|z (afta|z)
* afta|z has joined #overclockers
<afta|z> oops

Quote #2726 (+12) [ 2005-04-29, 19:25 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Rage> what can i say? i'm a dirty dirty corporate whore

Quote #3152 (+4) [ 2005-12-20, 18:15 ] [ + | - | X ]

* Topic is 'Zyrorl gets fired at DART(2-3years ago): Reason? Tells a customer "I'll get right on that - as soon as I've finished my pizza"'

Quote #4223 (+6) [ 2007-10-09, 19:21 ] [ + | - | X ]

<@Wayne> what is the proper term used to describe people who live in Brisbane?
<@Wayne> Brisbanites?
<knowsfords> brisbanites
<outy> brisvegans ?
<glasnt> Bris-vagians :P
<predder> "people who hail from brisbane"
<glasnt> Brisbanites
<predder> what about sydney then?
<knowsfords> "wankers"

Quote #1269 (+2) [ 2003-11-03, 04:23 ] [ + | - | X ]

<thetron> soon they will design planes with no wings
<Fod> and watch them drop out of the sky
<Fod> that'll be a short-lived experiment
<thetron> Fod these are futuristic planes
<Fod> the wings are what keep it in the air
<Fod> you either need wings, or downwards pointing engines, like a helicopters or a harrier
<Fod> or maybe a magical arse

Quote #608 (+9) [ 2003-05-31, 12:01 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Mred32> Good thing the wife is out atm then.
<Mred32> ...cause I'm gonna take my daughter to kindy gym and check out all the mums.

Quote #1682 (+7) [ 2004-02-23, 17:36 ] [ + | - | X ]

<FreeFrag> Why so quiet?
<FreeFrag> Could it finally have happened? +b *!*.n00b?

Quote #1222 (+11) [ 2003-10-26, 00:33 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Nemmy> dad - put the probe in your arse mate
<dad> but it doesnt fit properly
<dad> the pins are so close together

Quote #1767 (+2) [ 2004-03-24, 19:58 ] [ + | - | X ]

<eDust> did u guys know phone companies keep a log of all SMS's sent
<TheWedgie> eDust: yes, yes i did.
<eDust> :|
<TheWedgie> but you'd be surprised at how hard it is to get access to them, and how heavily the system is logged
<TheWedgie> with telstra anyhoo. ;)
<Fod> can't get at them with telstra because the server is down?

Quote #1617 (+5) [ 2004-02-10, 20:45 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Sciby> Anyone had anything to do with a serious car restoration?
<Agg> no, I only restore funny cars.

Quote #1677 (+2) [ 2004-02-23, 01:14 ] [ + | - | X ]

<WoobiE> wee, some guy killed 2 people a few hours ago 20km from me, fled on a quad
<nwatts> :|
<WoobiE> his ex-girlfriend and her young daughter.. nice guy
* PolishMani has quit IRC (Quit)
<nwatts> hrmm
<nwatts> i hate death
<WoobiE> yeah.. that guy is a prick
<nwatts> did you known him personally?
<WoobiE> weve had drinks a few times, but that black hood and reap give me the creeps
<nwatts> hahah
<nwatts> funny man

Quote #393 (+9) [ 2003-03-11, 19:49 ] [ + | - | X ]

<FrankThePug> any hackers in here
<FrankThePug> ...
<Ycros> In what sense?
<Ycros> And/Or context.
<FrankThePug> remote access
<FrankThePug> i need to use it
<Ycros> Use remote access? To where?
<FrankThePug> a friends computer
<Ycros> For what purpose?
<FrankThePug> information
<FrankThePug> can u help
<HeadshotSniper> try asio
<FrankThePug> um
<FrankThePug> no
<FrankThePug> isnt that like the secret service
<HeadshotSniper> Au spy
<HeadshotSniper> network
<FrankThePug> where can i get that from
<Ycros> Would that be information that your friend would not want you to have?
<FrankThePug> maybe
<FrankThePug> can u help
<Ycros> So why should I help you breach somebody's privacy? Would you like me looking through your personal files? I think not.
<FrankThePug> due
<FrankThePug> dude
<FrankThePug> he has something of mine on his comp
<Bigchris> if hes your friend, ask for it back.
<Bigchris> FFS.
<FrankThePug> hes sort of not my friend anymore
<Bigchris> oh
<Bigchris> what is it exactally, porn of your mum or something?
<FrankThePug> no
<HeadshotSniper> lol
<FrankThePug> a copy of empire earth
<Ycros> .
<Bigchris> lol.
<videl-emi> roflmao
<HeadshotSniper> Rofl
<videl-emi> someone put this in log or something
<videl-emi> funniest quotes ever
<Bigchris> lol
<Bigchris> i think im gonna cry
<HeadshotSniper> you trying to hack empire earth back? and your on dialup if you wanted to d/l it

Quote #2511 (+7) [ 2005-01-17, 22:22 ] [ + | - | X ]

*** Agg has joined #overclockers
*** Z sets mode: +o Agg
<Agg> omghi
*** Goofy[HSK] has quit IRC (Quit: omgby2u2)
<Agg> haha :)

Quote #3408 (+1) [ 2006-06-17, 16:56 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Grobsy> I wish it were rum o'clock :(
<Gavatron> ewwww
<Gavatron> i've had bundy once and disliked it a lot
* Bundy has joined #overclockers
<Gavatron> lol
<Gavatron> that was timely

Quote #1929 (+18) [ 2004-05-06, 23:27 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Agg-> i'd like to see a reality show where all the people who made all the other reality shows are placed in a large rocket which is fired into the sun

Quote #3508 (+3) [ 2006-08-14, 13:21 ] [ + | - | X ]

outy: Agg, has anyone ever told you that you should write the descriptions on wine labels?
Agg: outy - no. but incidentally, i find you fruity with a slightly tart under-palette, oaky tones and a hint of mushroom to bring it down to earth.
knowsfords: Agg: how do you find me?
Agg: knowsfords - i try not to.