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Quote #2451 (+12) [ 2004-12-26, 22:06 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Cuahtemoc> Someone kick eth.
<Cuahtemoc> I'll give you $1.
* `X kicks eth
<eth> ??
* eth was kicked by VooDoo (Its for a $1)
<`X> $1 please
* eth ( has joined #overclockers
<FreeFrag|> I'll give you $1 as well VooDoo
<VooDoo> :)
<FreeFrag> No, really.
<Cuahtemoc> How much for a ban ?
<FreeFrag> Yeah, lets all chip in for a ban. I'll start at $20
<INerTIal> i'll DD you $10 now if you ban him
<Cuahtemoc> I'll put in 10.
<FreeFrag> That's $40
* Z sets mode: +b *!*poohead@*
* eth was kicked by Z ((redback) No Reason)
<`X> ahha
<INerTIal> woot
<FreeFrag> Redback just won himself $40. WD mate :)
<Cuahtemoc> Capitalism works.

Quote #3879 (+4) [ 2006-12-21, 15:35 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Strange1> I can dream knowsfords
<knowsfords> grass is greener etc
* Joins: Rage
* knowsfords greens Rage's grass
<Rage> ...
<Rage> thats fucking disturbing dude

Quote #2942 (+5) [ 2005-08-18, 16:09 ] [ + | - | X ]

<outy> argh, having the flu sucks, cant sleep at night cause i cant breathe, cant sleep at day cause its soo hot, turn on aircon, flu gets worse, wake up every hour with a dry throat choking on nothing, drink water and it goes down the wrong hole, cough really bad, hurt your throat some more
<FatMan> cut your throat out
<FatMan> you don't need it
<FatMan> whoever says anything otherwise is lying
<outy> i swear i breath out through my mouth and it sounds like i have a BOV
<csimpson> HAHAHHAHAHA
<outy> blow off valve for those playing at home
<csimpson> outy, man, i just fell off my chair laughing
<csimpson> it was a true blue ROFL.
<outy> good, i hope your hit your head and are now going to die
<PooJou> Lol BoV
<outy> shutup PooJou, its so not funny, it hurts to breathe
<PooJou> lol
<PooJou> don't get defected
<outy> hahaha
<csimpson> haha
<outy> nah i got engineers cert
<PooJou> " yeah mate, we're gonna have to get you to plumb that into the exhaust"
<beta|SLEEP> you pppppppttttschhhhhhht it hurst to ppppppppppppppppppppppppttttshccct breath ???
<PooJou> Ya reckon, does darth vader have a BOV?
<PooJou> it'd explain his heavy breathing
<PooJou> like if he runs a lot
<beta|SLEEP> yeah and youd think the back pressure would kill him
<PooJou> <<defect'd>>
<Vantage> PooJou: Yeah and he has a type r sticker on the back of his helmet too
<PooJou> haha
<PooJou> HKS!
<Vantage> TRUST
<PooJou> lol
<PooJou> General Grevious had trust parts i reckon
<Vantage> haha
<PooJou> it made him 20% faster
<beta|SLEEP> outy do you have a HKS sticker on your forehead?
<outy> shutup

Quote #844 (+35) [ 2003-08-03, 18:33 ] [ + | - | X ]

<WhiteyFord> got pulled over for an RBT this morning
<WhiteyFord> cop says "how's it going?"
<WhiteyFord> "not too foul"
<WhiteyFord> "nice day huh?"
<WhiteyFord> "yeah, nice day to be driving to work"
<WhiteyFord> "hahaha, tell me about it. Have you had anything to drink this morning?"
<WhiteyFord> "no"
<WhiteyFord> "why not?"
<WhiteyFord> "uuh? is that a trick question?!"
<WhiteyFord> "hahah blow into this"

Quote #485 (+3) [ 2003-04-21, 22:55 ] [ + | - | X ]

<jase> I have a red head weakness
<Carrots> the chubby girl with the fake red hair ?
<jase> thats the one
<Carrots> ew
<Carrots> rather fap
<Carrots> on her face
<jase> oi
<Carrots> LOL
<jase> she went off
<Carrots> passed expiry date ?

Quote #4122 (0) [ 2007-05-19, 11:31 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Narcolepsy> Porn isn't illegal, indeed. You're allowed to have a couple of porn mags at RAAF recruits (rules apply, but anyway), yet they won't let the navy keep anything remotely pornographic at Cerberus.
<Narcolepsy> No wonder the navy's a little...funny.
<brodsta> lol
<Torched> a little strange
<enigma> lits-hp: starcraft3 rts ftw!
<deepspring> rofl
<Torched> a little...queer
<Draffa> In the Navy...

Quote #1081 (+6) [ 2003-10-06, 03:58 ] [ + | - | X ]

<aftahours> mmm im onto my 4th bowel of rice :D
<sabretooth> You eat your rice from a bowel?
<sabretooth> Eww.
<sabretooth> Dude.
<iconoclast> lol
<Wiz> ROFL
<Gibbon> heh
<aftahours> doh.
<Iroquois> brown rice, then?
<Iroquois> sorry.
<aftahours> maybe bowl
<sabretooth> Heh Iro
<bh> you eat shit for breakfast?
<iconoclast> sun rice
<Wiz> Taste a bit shitty really
<sabretooth> "Man this rice tastes like shit!"
<iconoclast> from where the sun doesnt shine
<aftahours> lol..i thought it had weavels in it :P

Quote #893 (0) [ 2003-08-13, 19:15 ] [ + | - | X ]

sleepy: enjoy ure day off?
sleepy: do anything intersting?
(*)EM: hey
(*)EM: yes my dad was pretty good
(*)EM: bit boring but good
(*)EM: urs?
sleepy: ... look at what you said
sleepy: day spelt wrong
sleepy: bahahahahahahaa
(*) EM: errr i cant recover from that can i
sleepy: very unfortunate typo that

Quote #1743 (+3) [ 2004-03-15, 21:02 ] [ + | - | X ]

<PsychoMatt> bh, why do you have that many coins?
<bh> PsychoMatt: i take coins out of my wallet each day
<bh> because theyre annoying to sit on
<bh> and i just chuck them in this container
<Fragwizard> heh
<PsychoMatt> i could count the amount of coons i have in one hand
<PsychoMatt> COINS
<Lombers> that's going to ugbox
<Squigy> ...
<bh> haha

Quote #1696 (+8) [ 2004-02-28, 00:52 ] [ + | - | X ]

<thetron> MadHatter trying to sell your bogan porn overseas?
<PsychoMatt> haha
<PsychoMatt> orrrr giz a root ayy ya cun
<MadHatter> looking at buying a car actually
<predder> what does MadHatter the mechanic look for in a car
<Agg> spare change

Quote #1054 (+6) [ 2003-10-02, 20:11 ] [ + | - | X ]

<brembo`> half life 2 source code got out
<brembo`> interesting
<Lombers> yeah, check this out
<Lombers> I found the new Duke Nukem source code earlier today. Check it out...
<Lombers> do
<Lombers> { 'nothing' }
<Lombers> while
<Lombers> { 'heads = asses' }
<Lombers> That was pretty much all of it.
<Falkor> lol
<Strange1> lol
<wild> lmao
<Lombers> someone posted that at tech report
<Lombers> and at slashdot, someone said "Looks like there will be a linux port after all"
<echelon> lol

Quote #2588 (-1) [ 2005-02-17, 10:32 ] [ + | - | X ]

* One`` has joined #overclockers
<One``> im back! cable installed today
<@Mnz|WORK> Oh great, aren't we all excited...
* Draffa_ whoops with joy
<One``> My 20GB of cabley goodness
<@Mnz|WORK> I was wondering why the average tard level had dropped lately.
<One``> I was wondering why my self esteem had risen
<@Mnz|WORK> :P~

Quote #66 (+2) [ 2002-11-08, 07:58 ] [ + | - | X ]

<reverb`> <---teen pukes after seeing porn!
<Silentsni> omg, I would have kept the tape

Quote #2582 (0) [ 2005-02-13, 01:04 ] [ + | - | X ]

(SC88)that DarkNation is a fag
(myne) you wanna hook up?
(Murcalumis) Don't change the subject, we're on the topic of YOUR faggotry right now
(Chadwiko)<SC88> oi how gay is that DarkNation fag
(Chadwiko)<myne you wanna hook up?
(Chadwiko) hahahaha
(PlayingUT2k4) haha
(Murcalumis) lol myne
(PlayingUT2k4) yeah SC88 hes a wanker
(SC88) no shit
(SC88) he never shuts up about his green lights
(SC88) and ub3r case
(PlayingUT2k4)yeah, i wanna stab him in the eye with a pen
(SC88) or whatever
(SC88) and
(SC88) he like is only 14
(SC88) and sittin here tellin me where to go
* PlayingUT2k4 is now knowns as DarkNation
(SC88) when does he usually come online?
(DarkNation) 15 acually
(Murcalumis) AHAHHA
* Quits : SC88
(Chadwiko) hahaha

Quote #40 (0) [ 2002-10-28, 07:13 ] [ + | - | X ]

*** sabretooth changed topic to ' (rego and payments close this week!) - HAPPY BDAY KYOCERA! | <Cav> WhiteyFord: i am the arse of this rooms homosexual'
<WhiteyFord> dont want to be associated with Cav all my life
*** Darkness changed topic to ' (rego and payments close this week!) - HAPPY BDAY KYOCERA! | <Cav> i am the arse of this rooms homosexual jokes :('
<Darkness> *nod*
<WhiteyFord> woo!

Quote #1742 (+7) [ 2004-03-14, 23:29 ] [ + | - | X ]

<nwatts> i'm grring at this homework i've gotta do
<nwatts> makin' meh angry
<nwatts> do you feel you want to do it?
<@gords> no thanks
<@gords> i have my own uni work i'm not doing =)
<nwatts> hehe
<nwatts> well
<nwatts> it's good one of us is doing what's best
<nwatts> ... that one is you

Quote #2765 (-1) [ 2005-05-18, 19:15 ] [ + | - | X ]

<csimpson> wow, the Internet actually has a legitimate use!
<csimpson> My mum

Quote #4019 (-4) [ 2007-01-26, 10:31 ] [ + | - | X ]

PooJou: This is what australia day is all about
PooJou: talking about camira's

Quote #4245 (+5) [ 2007-11-18, 22:20 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Bern> I had king Prawns and coopers for dinner... nice, simple and delicious
<Agg> i finished off a cab merlot earlier, smack :)
<brodsta> We had some seafood salad thing with lobster and scallops
<smack> well done
<TankTop> i had sausages :<

Quote #1982 (+11) [ 2004-05-19, 22:30 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Sciby> VTEC???
<Sciby> Don't swear, hibba.
* Sciby changes topic to '-= =- Dodgy and hibba are gay lovers.'
<dodge> jealous Sciby?
<Sciby> Hardly.
<dodge> so, now that we're gay lovers Hibba, when are you coming over?
<Hibba> When Sciby gets off my dick
* Hibba was kicked by Sciby (Even if I was gay, you'd still be at the bottom of my list, ugly.)
<Daemon> Sciby's busy with miriam :P
<Sciby> Leave Miriam out of this, she's a delicate flower.

Quote #2630 (+1) [ 2005-03-18, 11:47 ] [ + | - | X ]

[ bkuebler]: wait.
[ bkuebler]: allow me to check my facts.
[ bkuebler]: I am an idiot...
[ rjbs]: You needed to *check* that?

Quote #4369 (0) [ 2010-11-22, 00:06 ] [ + | - | X ]

< sg> someone who knows more about science than me, wtf is "nonionic surfactant"?
< GooseChu> sg: its a surfactant thats nonionic
< sg> apparently it is
< Rezin> Robotic surfing.
-!- klif-e [] has joined #overclockers
<@Agg> surfactant is something that sits on the surface of a fluid, usually water
< sg> right
< _d00dz> fuck this im booking a business flight to sjc
<@Agg> nonionic.. i assume means.. doesn't contain or form ions
-!- Matcat [] has joined #overclockers
< sg> well, that is what the dishwasher rinse aid claims 30% of its composition is
<@Agg> surfactants are bad if you have a fish tank because they separate your fishy water from the air, and they can suffocate
< sg> :o
< brodsta> oh no
< brodsta> what'll happen to your dishwasher fish sg
< sg> im not sure
<@Agg> so you have to agitate the surface of your tank if you are using a surfactant medication
<@Agg> handy tips with Agg

Quote #974 (+29) [ 2003-08-30, 20:37 ] [ + | - | X ]

* Moose licks FreeFrags arse and grabs the cookie
<Moose> *kicks

Quote #2775 (+4) [ 2005-05-20, 18:35 ] [ + | - | X ]

<@Chuggy> You know over in toronto or some place in North America. The coppers there found out that in a case of 100 rapes, 80% of them were done by people who where star trek fans. Or fans of that kind of genra thingo.
<@Sciby> Really?
<@Chuggy> yeah
<@Sciby> I like Star Trek.
* @Dee eyes Sciby
* @Sciby takes off his pants.

Quote #4053 (+8) [ 2007-03-11, 21:19 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Jake> Heh. Now SupCom won't start.
<Jake> Unable to start
<Jake> Please verify system meets minimum specifications.
<@Frag_Lord> lol u fail
<Jake> That's the most depressing error message I've ever gotten.
<DJ_HiP> mm that sure is a blow to the e-penis
<@Frag_Lord> indeed
<Jake> I was playing it earlier, but still.
<DJ_HiP> tis like a girl saying "are you sure your hard?"
<@Frag_Lord> lol
<Jake> Haha.
<@TheWedgie> "is it in yet?"

Quote #4237 (+6) [ 2007-10-29, 21:33 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Rainwulf> fucking hell, one of my friends has MSN and has a virus that keeps trying to send out infected marriages
<csimpson> an infected marriage would suck
<csimpson> even more than a regular marriage

Quote #1066 (+4) [ 2003-10-04, 07:12 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Shivver> ok
<Shivver> but i counted 4
<Shivver> fuckin vampire
<Rik> he doesn't count the 4th one that you counted
<Rik> he's a vampire, that's why... sharp teeth... ouch...

Quote #2048 (+7) [ 2004-06-08, 20:27 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Rage> how does one withdraw $10k cash?
<Rage> take a breifcase up to the bank?
<Erve> ask for a bank cheque?
<Falkor> or get a bank cheque
<Crudmuffin> yeah, bank cheque
<Erve> maybe a bank cheque?
<Rage> perhaps a bank cheque...
<Rik> I'd say bank cheque
<Fod> i was thinking you could try a bank cheque
<Fod> that's just my opinion though
<Erve> Survey says
<Erve> bank cheque
<FreeFrag> I might ask for my loan in cash.
<Fod> oh try and be at least a little original freefrag

Quote #2173 (+8) [ 2004-07-21, 20:26 ] [ + | - | X ]

<FreeFrag> <--bottom definition, bwahahahaa, I'll take one guess who submitted that
<FreeFrag> A) Asrehole <--That gives it away :D :D
<Sciby> Yup, safe to say it's TheTron. You can smell the stupidity.
<Sciby> Even if there was no quote, the spelling of 'asrehole' still gives it away.
<FreeFrag> Sciby, come on, join in you fun nazi!! You can smell the stuiptedity :)
<FreeFrag> So anyway, Sciby, been doing much trolling while whom adminning lately?
<Sciby> FF: No, but I"m a snobbish asrehole.

Quote #1153 (0) [ 2003-10-18, 13:02 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Gibbon> hehe, I read that as boobs
<sniper64> hahahaha
<Gibbon> I wonder what I'm thinking about ......
<echelon> Gibbon: well, your birthday has only just gone, get a special 'present'?
<Gibbon> unfortunately not, echelon
<echelon> hehe
* echelon sends a paid hooker to Gibbon's house
<MadHatter> lol
* Gibbon wraps himself in latex and smears himself in chicken fat ... then waits ......

Quote #870 (+2) [ 2003-08-10, 23:02 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Sponge> we climbed on those big boats parked outside t42
<Sponge> some cunt was sleeping on there and opened the door and told us to get the fuck off his boat

Quote #1469 (+4) [ 2003-12-31, 14:33 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Firemoth> Hmm, I think I'll send a postcard to my new sponser child. :D
<Agg-> postcard of what?
<Agg-> send him a picture of a big juicy steak.
<Agg-> man, i'm so going to hell.
<Gibbon> Half Eaten

Quote #4276 (+1) [ 2008-02-25, 23:57 ] [ + | - | X ]

<brodsta> Holy shit
<V8R[ws]> good plan, im out too
<Asteroid> lol been there done that :p
<brodsta> There is a computer shop in Ipswich with a WEBSITE
<brodsta> We have ascended the staircades from the pits of desperation
<glasnt> brodsta: they have the internet in ipswich?!
<brodsta> I know, and here we are using satellite glasnt
<glasnt> I'm using dropbears
<glasnt> they pick up the packets and drop them where they are picked up my the tube monkeys
<glasnt> You may say they don't exist, but we use them to scare the tourists, else they'd be harvested for wifi in Tokyo or something :S

Quote #869 (+8) [ 2003-08-10, 21:29 ] [ + | - | X ]

*** Sticks is now known as Lurian
<FreeFrag> whats with the namechange sticks?
<sabretooth> Sticks had a sex change
<FreeFrag> oh good, now it wont feel so funny

Quote #1044 (+25) [ 2003-09-30, 21:06 ] [ + | - | X ]

(biatch): i don't need a brain, i have tits.

Quote #2776 (+36) [ 2005-05-20, 20:15 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Narc|Movie> My old nickname used to be Dark Assassin.
<Narc|Movie> One time playing a game on a BBS (before teh intarweb) it had a language filter, and my nick ended up being Dark Buttbuttin.
<Narc|Movie> That sucked.
<Fragwizard> lol

Quote #2449 (+8) [ 2004-12-25, 10:46 ] [ + | - | X ]

[@Narcolepsy] It's not about how many cocks you suck, it's all in the technique.

Quote #1880 (+4) [ 2004-04-27, 10:26 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Yuuhi-kun> once my japanese class starts
<Yuuhi-kun> im gonna ask the finest girl in the class out
<The_uniKoRnio> lol
<Skylar> lol
<ltCd-> ......
<Yuuhi-kun> and get rejected
<Skylar> ull get rejected
<ltCd-> and ur gonna get rejected.

Quote #4224 (-6) [ 2007-10-10, 18:52 ] [ + | - | X ]

<outy> brodsta today tonight said it was different type of cows
<outy> they even showed a graph and a map!
<outy> a fucking map dude
<outy> A MAP!
<brodsta> Holy shit
<brodsta> I can't compete with that
<outy> how can you not trust someone who has a map

Quote #2525 (+4) [ 2005-01-23, 11:18 ] [ + | - | X ]

<mazzaBBQ> the bbq people were the ones i were standing next to for the last 15 mins
<mazzaBBQ> dammit
<mazzaBBQ> everyone knows me
<David> you found them mazza?
<mazzaBBQ> but i dont know them
<FreeFrag> mazzaBBQ, put the fucking IRC phone in your pocket and socialise.
----- 5 Minutes Later -----
<David> mazza put down the phone man :p
<ace234> mazzaBBQ are you going for the biggest geek award?
<mazzaBBQ> yes
<mazzaBBQ> these people are scaring me
<Reaver|ZzZ> how's mazza on the net
<David> on his phone
<David> nerding it up bigtime
<FreeFrag> mazzaBBQ, are they looking at you with that " is up with that kid, it's like he has an emotional attachment with IRC" look on thier face?
<David> FreeFrag: $10 says so.
<FreeFrag> mazzaBBQ, turn on the webcam, I want to see thier faces.
<David> take pics!
<David> surely that phone has a camera too
<David> I tried telling mazza yesterday that he shouldn't play with his phone.. he needs to socialise with the people! :D
<FreeFrag> Who knows what mazzanets mobile number is? I'll call up Telstra and have it cancelled because it was stolen. We've got to do this kid a favour.

Quote #1659 (+1) [ 2004-02-19, 16:34 ] [ + | - | X ]

<SuperTed> when i sing i get high
<SuperTed> :D
<Fall> my god
<aenima> when i get high, i sing

Quote #3083 (+55) [ 2005-11-13, 00:10 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Agg> you forget that benzor's brain is capable of absorbing huge quantities of knowledge via osmosis. he works in a legal office for a few months.. he's practically a lawyer. i imagine he walked past a mechanic on the way to this conversation.

Quote #2169 (+2) [ 2004-07-21, 00:53 ] [ + | - | X ]

*matt Q64: In 1964 who was the first non royal to appear on a UK stamp?
<slix> postman pat

Quote #395 (+1) [ 2003-03-11, 23:24 ] [ + | - | X ]

<port80> anyone tried ming?
<Ycros> yeah she was good

Quote #2932 (+4) [ 2005-08-12, 23:25 ] [ + | - | X ]

<D_Web> we ordered 150 pizzas at uni today
<FreeFrag> lol
<eDust> lol D_Web, did they send a fleet of scooters to deliver?
<eDust> an armada of scooters
<knowsfords> did you kill one of the scooter drivers then go back to the pizza place to get delivery missions?

Quote #2382 (0) [ 2004-11-12, 01:10 ] [ + | - | X ]

<Firemoth> grr.. anyone know how to run a shell script which wont run even when the file has been set to executable?
* Firemoth looks at Quadbox
<Quad|dvd> Firemoth: I'd try executing it :p
<Firemoth> !
<Sticks> Firemoth - linux yeah?
<Quad|dvd> failing that, edit it and see what the problem is
<Firemoth> Sticks, yup
<Sticks> you're logged in as?
<Firemoth> root
<Quad|dvd> Firemoth: Try executing it with sh <scriptname>
<Iroquois> did you try ./file ?
<Sticks> ./<script>
<Quad|dvd> it might not have #!/bin/sh attatched
<Firemoth> When I type, ./blah .. I get.. : bad interpreter: No such file or directory
<Quad|dvd> Firemoth: Do what I just said then
<Firemoth> It has #!/bin/sh attached
<Firemoth> k
<Quad|dvd> or try bashing it
<Sticks> BASH!!!
<Sticks> always BASH!
<Quad|dvd> bash <script>
<Iroquois> #!/bin/bash dammit
<Sticks> bwwaaaahahahaa
* Quad|dvd bashes Sticks
* Sticks bashes Quadbox
* Quad|dvd is now known as Quadbox
<Quadbox> Wow, I feel bourne again!
<Quadbox> :p
<Sticks> bwwaaahahahaha
<Iroquois> i'm a shell of the man i used to be
<Iroquois> ok, thats enough
<Quadbox> Oh god, this script is TERRIBLE!
<Quadbox> We need to execute a change of program in here
<Quadbox> :p
<Sticks> wait till you see the movie :p
<Iroquois> the "mv"ie?
<Quadbox> This is wreaking variable havoc apon the local environment, you do realise? :p
<Iroquois> Quadbox: you've had these saved up, right? :p
<Quadbox> Iroquois: No, I compile them just in time
<Quadbox> :p
<Iroquois> so they just 'emerge'?
<Quadbox> Iroquois: Indeed. I just kind of port them from my subconsious

Quote #1787 (+12) [ 2004-03-29, 22:06 ] [ + | - | X ]

<knowsfords> cmon, you slow pos.
* knowsfords punches his modem
* knowsfords - Quit (Quit: connection reset by peer)

Quote #838 (+3) [ 2003-08-01, 09:43 ] [ + | - | X ]

<yyk> wow STFU doesn't stand for stuff you, as i thought but rather shut the fuck up... i never knew that[09:50]
<sabz> Heh
<Borg-Sick> LOL
<Borg-Sick> n00b

Quote #1730 (0) [ 2004-03-08, 23:51 ] [ + | - | X ]

<TheRush> i soooo need to get ma shit together!
<adi> i need to do a shit, is that similar??
<TheRush> haha, i don't believe so but depends on your point of view i spose....
<GregM> Im sooo glad they dont carry stench over tcpip
<adi> lol
<adi> theres a company in the UK developing that though..
<adi> it has like 10 smells and costs $10K ^
<GregM> I hope its selective :)
<adi> i feel another beagle coming on..
<Joris> the real problem with smell over ip, is that it doesn't fit porn
<Joris> if a technology isn't applicable to porn, it won't conquer the internet
<Joris> (Joris' first law of internetomatics)
<GregM> put an old kipper behind your monitor Joris
<GregM> close enough
<adi> rofl

Quote #538 (+2) [ 2003-05-10, 19:21 ] [ + | - | X ]

<klif-e> What's the difference between oral sex and anal sex?
<Simboo> whether junkz shaves in the morning or not :P