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UGBox Quotes is a place to submit humorous IRC conversations. You can either browse through what others have submitted, or submit a quote of your own.

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27th May 2004 - Further Updates!
We've just converted all of the UGBox Quotes to be based off of the same structure as the rest of the UGBox site - this means the same layout and same user management. As a side effect of this - you may notice that some quotes you submitted don't show up under your name. To correct this you'll need to create a UGBox forums account - just hit 'Forums' in the navigation bar on the left!

16th January 2004 - New Features!
I've been working hard on some new features that should make the quotes database a bit better.

  • Votes open in new windows - Instead of having to click the 'back' button on the browser when voting, votes will now open in a small window so browsing of the database is uninterrupted.
  • User statistics - Regular posters can now sign up for the database and post quotes under their name. When the quote is approved and people start to vote for their quotes, they will be ranked in the Top Posters page.
  • There is now a Bottom 50 quotes page.
Enjoy.    -wild

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There is a forum for discussing the quotes site. Have a suggestion? Got an issue with the QDB you feel needs to be discussed? Click here to visit the forums.

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If you like or dislike a quote, show it by clicking the '+' or '-' buttons to vote for a quote. The score will be adjusted accordingly. But you can only vote for a quote once, so choose carefully.
And if you think a quote doesn't deserve to be in the database at all, click the 'X' button to vote to have it removed from the database. Although it may not be removed straight away, if enough people don't like it, it may be removed. Make your vote count!